It takes an extra special kind of idiot to lock down their applications APIs before confirming who is all using them. Read more

Because of course the industry will have shills to promote lies about their product. As long as we continue to allow obvious lying from places such as Faux News, then the fossil fuel industry has a legal precedent for disinformation. Read more

now imagine in the conservative dream scenario where the armed teacher now would have to make the decision to shoot a 6 year old student Read more

He’s not sorry.  He just wants to be re-elected. Read more

To be fair, it’s Idaho, where losing your virginity to livestock is seen as a rite of passage Read more

Comparing human women to the cattle that we use and abuse for to exploit their biological reproductive functions for our own gain is probably the most honest thing a Republican has said about abortion in decades. Read more

I continue to be flabbergasted that 60 million women did not vote out every Republican for the next two decades. What is going on? Read more

I think they call it France... a country so strict they actually have laws to punish companies trying to push beyond. Read more

Yeah, that’s more reasonable. I think studies determined that for each hour over 8 hours you work, you start to lose productivity. Read more

Number 2 worked really well in the 1940s and beyond.
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Yeah you can’t reason with crazy.  The only thing they understand is hate and fear.
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They know Jesus was a Jew, right? Read more

Well I’ve got to hand it to the simulation...I did not see that one coming. Read more

I know several people who have quit UPS, citing a toxic work environment. Read more

Shit like this is what happens when you stop punching Nazis. Read more

be a voice of reason in the face of hate

Remember when the USPS had similar problems back in the eighties and nineties? When we coined the term “going postal”? Yeah, maybe we should learn from history instead of continuing down this path to end up repeating it, just for once.
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a professional hair stylist, who told her” Read more

I can’t believe you bothered commenting if reading had already proven so painful.
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