Barstool Radio, a show enjoyed exclusively by Deloitte interns who wish they were still in college” Read more

La cocaina es una droga infernal Read more

Sneak peek at Cleveland’s presentation.

Is there a sport in which broadcast commentary provides less value than tennis? I mean, not just annoying or frustratingly stupid announcers, but actual informative insight. We can see the score, and it seems like with the judicious use of a couple more chyrons, broadcast tennis could be completely free of announcers. Read more

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I’m sorry, but there’s no way the ref could have not called a penalty on it. From the ref’s angle it seriously looks like Robben’s foot was stepped on and his progress was impeded with his control of the ball in the box. Robben found his chance and took it. Read more

“I wanted to help you. I wanted to warn you. But in this world, it’s easy to misunderstand intentions.” Read more

Over and over again Ford has been telling William that “the maze wasn’t meant for you.” And over and over again, we see that William’s bulletproof arrogance that EVERYTHING in the park is meant for him shields him from the truth.
The maze began with Arnold and Dolores, and we now see spread throughout the park Read more

Kind of assumed the act of scalping his fellow Ghost Nation warriors killed them, and William and Ford were the only ones that ever noticed the tattoos. My favorite part of this episode is that it adds new meaning to William’s earliest actions as the Man in Black during the first season. Presumably, he thought the Read more

46 inspiring stories of remarkable groups of people... and Cascadia.
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How many times do we have to liberate the French? HOW MANY TIMES? Read more

Don’t see how Drake can respond to the picture or “hidden child” stuff with a song. You can’t rhyme “here’s what I was going for with the blackface” with anything. Read more

Seriously, if we all pitch in like $5 we could probably hire an editor for Haisley. Read more

That third quarter though. Houston only “won” the third quarter of Game 2, and by two points. In their other two game wins, they “lost” Q3 by 17 in Game 4 and by a point in Game 5. In their game losses, they were -7, -10, -17 and -18 in Q3. When both Harden and Paul were 100 percent, Houston was “built” to beat GS by Read more

What’s crazy about those flick threes is when I play down in the park, it takes a shit load of energy to put up a normal three from like 8 less feet. It’s insane how effortless Steph just flings it accurately. I would need every ounce of strength to nail some of these shots it feels like. Read more

This is really sad. Please stop. Read more

I love that corner three set up by Bell just casually doing a no look, between the legs pass. That’s some shit you try in grade school, inevitably smashing your own balls, causing you to collapse and nearly swallow your retainer. Read more

Lee explains early on that he re-used some ideas from the previous park in order to bring this one to life―and by “re-use” he means he basically copy and pasted several characters (most notably Maeve, Hector, and Armistice) into a different context. Read more