Sep 9 2019

When do you guys think Antoni is going to file a restraining order against us?

May 15 2019

Every show should work like this. Don’t push creators to pump out a set number of episodes if they’re just going to be crap.

Dec 19 2018

This is a REAL problem, ass. If they want to sell seats (and every theater I’ve ever worked or been in is in constant crisis mode over box office receipts) they need to have their seats be for humans and not fucking ants.

Dec 17 2018

Thomas Markle is an abusive narcissist. I know because I have two of them for parents and this is EXACTLY how they behave. Nothing will ever satisfy him. It is painful and exhausting, and cutting him out of her life is precisely the right thing to do. It is the *only* thing you can do with people like this. If you Read more

Dec 14 2018

I’m so sad! I had coffee with Ms. Locke a few years ago to discuss a project. She was so lovely. Kind, smart, a little eccentric, but really a joy to spend a morning drinking coffee (she had tea) and talking about film. She was such a talented woman, both as an actress and filmmaker. She will be missed. 

Dec 10 2018

So... maybe now do a bit on setting up your side view mirrors to actually look at the side, instead of the rear? That way you have no blind spots. I’m still amazed how many people don’t know about this.

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Nov 30 2018

The bit from Scoundrels sounds so absurd it made me look up the book - it seems like its a bit of a comic farce so perhaps the over the top metaphors are supposed to be ridiculous? Read more

Nov 28 2018

I would argue, respectfully, that the self-aggrandizing myths men tell each other—which are then accepted uncritically and enshrined in, say, the press as a matter of record—are among the most common ways men (and yes, people) consolidate their interests and protect each other, whether they know exactly what they’re Read more

Nov 22 2018

Aaaah TNS yay!!! Woo hoo! I’m at Disney with friends, and we’re going to have room service deliver us dinner at the Grand Floridian pool later! No narcissistic, cruel family for a thousand miles! Happy Thanksgiving cool cats! That’s the view from my room at Wilderness Lodge the other night, so pretty!

Nov 21 2018

It’s never the woman you know either. It’s never the opinionated, happy-seeming, confident woman being abused. It’s never the happy mother, the dedicated wife, the accomplished physician. That woman would never be abused. She would stop it. She would not put up with that kind of thing. Her upbringing didn’t Read more

Nov 20 2018

This is so sad. Gwen becomes whoever she's dating at the time. I wonder if she and Brad Pitt dated would it be like black hole that sucks itself into itself.