Aug 14 2019

I’m a OneDrive/365 convert at work now, tbh. I grumbled and grumped when I had to get the 365 subscription for work (replaced my laptop, had previously been using a purchased version) but then my computer shat the bed, and OneDrive made swapping to my temp laptop seamless (paired with Lastpass, it takes me about five Read more

May 14 2019

“Who knew Star Wars would have so much rape in it?” -- Us five years from now.

Dec 6 2018

You can insult the president and everything he stands for without being a fatphobe.

Dec 4 2018

I was at a public washroom on the weekend and not only did someone destroy it with their weird smell, there was period blood on the toilet rim. So. That was fun. I obviously backed out and tried not to vom.

I worked in an office building many years ago and we shared a bathroom with another office. There was this one Read more

Nov 22 2018

F A L S E. I’m sorry but you can make a moist turkey, most people just don’t give a shit to do so.

Serious Eats figured it out— you spatchcock it for even cooking.

I’ve made the juiciest turkeys OF ALL TIME this way (covered in a delicious coating of fresh herb butter). Mind you, the biggest I’m willing to spatchcock Read more

Nov 9 2018

I was coming out of a coffee place and I was like “Is that John Cho?” as he crossed the street. Then we passed each other and I was like “That was John Cho”.

Though I work in film, so I do run into actors a fair bit and it’s less exciting than you would imagine. I did work on a small movie with Emily Mortimer and when Read more

Nov 7 2018

I feel read. The first time I had really really bad heartburn was after swimming all day and eating spicy food.

Nov 5 2018

I wish you an unscratched custom couch!! A couch is such an important and good piece of furniture. <3

Nov 2 2018

My most recent extravagant purchase was to have a custom cabinet made for my bedroom. It fits books, vinyl records and has a display portion. We decided it ourselves, and they had itc custom made and installed by a profesh. It felt very “grown up” to me. But also we have a newer car too. I spent most of my life riding Read more

Oct 30 2018

i had a really good english teacher in high school who noticed i was zipping through the assigned books and was like “here, I think you’ll like this” and gave me Rebecca. I wonder what that says about me.

Oct 24 2018

I do truly love the costuming/set design on the show. That pink coat sends me into paroxysms of joy.

Oct 18 2018

I’ve heard good things about Lunapads period undies— haven’t tried them myself but the company is legit feminist (& were recently dealing with TERFs because they used inclusive language on an ad).