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Obvious joke that no one with a working brain would be mad about aside, why are they giving that goon a platform in the first place? Read more

It’s a minority stake as in, it’s a stake other than the majority stake of Epic, but it’s also worth noting that the minority stake in question is 40% of the company. Read more

Yes, but Epic’s CEO sided with Blitchung and supported a free Hong Kong during that controversy last year. If China (or a Chinese company) actually had any tangible influence over Epic they would have flipped their shit and did everything they could to destroy Epic. But none of that happened. It’s just the bog Read more

A Chinese holding company (TenCent) owns a minority stake in the company while Tim Sweeney himself owns the majority of the company (more than 50%). Read more

Including other streamers who apparently need to “react” to an apology video. Like christ, seriously? You’re video is you reacting to someones apology? I mean an announcement of some kind like a song, game, or big world event? Sure.  Read more

Some people need to spend less time on the internet. Read more

Some people need to spend less time on the internet.  Read more

It’d be a bad look to have arrested a cop from a different district, you know.
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They’re picking fights to bully everyone else into submission to help their bottom line. Read more

You realize there is this awesome option... that if you don’t like Apple’s “overly draconian” policies... you can... get this... not use them! You have freedom of choice here.. if you choose to use apple, then you accept how they run. The only way I see you have no choice, is if you are on mommy and daddies account Read more

I absolutely hate that I’m standing up for Apple here but...ya.  They are right here.  Their policies apply to everything and everyone equally, it’s not like they’re singling out Epic. And if they do it FOR Epic, they’ll have to do it for everyone.  And I....also kind of can’t blame them for not wanting to allow just Read more

Welcome to the end game of infinite growth and capitalism  Read more

Yeah! Because Epic totally won’t end up with their own cult fanboys.
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The whole 1984 angle and having all of this response prepared in advance really put a sour taste in my mouth. Trying to create this weird public discourse and use your arguably easily-influenced fan base to try and get what you want is...I mean, it’s on brand but it’s really gross. The extremely public and Read more

Apple used to be interesting. Then they became commercial and lackluster. Then whatshisname came back. And they became interesting again. But they got a little lazy. Then they got really commercial again. So commercial they were charging tens of dollars for dumb cables that were worth a couple of bucks. So back to unin Read more

No, although among the more economically developed nations, you’re among rare company in electing them to the highest office in the land. Read more

The audacity of caucasity.... Read more