Oct 22

hype and actual yolk love are 2 very different things though, and while hype comes and goes runny yolks are forever. Read more

Aug 24

I still want to own the good games I play, but game pass is still worth it because I can play so many other games I wouldn’t otherwise spend money purchasing. If it’s worth replaying down the road that is always an option via a subsequent purchase. But in the meantime I can get exposed to all sorts of new games for a Read more

Jun 5

1. Better cops - Improved screening for mental health and behavioral issues, review of past affiliations (white supremacist groups, for example), and an end to favoritism given to ex-military that automatically moves them to the top of the list. Read more

Mar 10

I may be on the spectrum but I understand this isn’t party talk. I have also seen enough bad 80's sitcoms to recognize your attempt at humor. :)

Oct 30 2019

“Watching G/O Media’s autoplaying ads isn’t a right, it’s a privilege. Read more

Oct 1 2019

Counter point: the Cambodian owner of the donut shop in my neighborhood calls everyone boss and it is quite delightful.

Aug 27 2019

Dr. Lizardo, General Mills has made it quite explicit that Wheaties must be consumed for breakfast every morning in order to make one a champion. At no point has General Mills claimed, explicitly or implicitly, that a single serving of Wheaties would make one a champion. Were that the case, the world would be inundated Read more

Aug 11 2019

If this somehow doesn’t work out, the Vikings might just be better off skipping that position entirely and becoming the team that always goes for it on fourth down. Read more

Jul 17 2019

Indeed, this article makes no mention of the IM he sent her the morning of his resignation: ‘I ain’t a killer but don’t push me/ Revenge is like the sweetest joy next to getting pussy, Kim’