Bryan doesn't drive a 1M
6/05/21 10:44PM

Spoken like a true superfluous middle manager type. Kudos

3/26/21 2:23PM

Lol, think that is expensive, try getting a 55yo human up and running again that has been sitting since 1998. Six million in 1973 + inflation.
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3/01/21 3:46PM

They totally, do. However, they are less important after you’ve already read the story, and just want to remember “Was that 1 or 2 tablespoons of salt?”. 

2/25/21 11:40AM

Genuine question, what EV is suitable for towing a trailer with a car on it like... 500 miles? Let’s say you race Spec Miata, so you’re only towing 2500 lbs plus spares and tools, call it 3200 lbs plus the weight of the trailer, 1500 lbs for a 16' steel trailer, so total tow weight 4700 lbs.
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1/25/21 12:21PM

Its almost like you can have multiple opinions about one event. Like I, for instance, can think both “fuck those morons holding a sideshow in the middle of a city” and “WTF was that cop thinking driving over the fucking people”. Read more

1/15/21 5:50AM

Counterpoint: Fuck the Government’s “right” to participate in social media period. Force American citizens to learn about whats going on in government via official communications and .gov sites. If the president wants to blog, then let them use the official site to do so.

1/14/21 3:14PM

Or, it was so completely overrun with ads as to be virtually unplayable on any format except PC.

12/17/20 11:23AM

I used to work for a plumbing supplier nd most of them have more work than they can handle. Dealing with giant greaseballs is no fun at all. Read more

11/06/20 3:06PM

I keep thinking someone in the White House is saying, “Evacuate? In our moment of triumph? I think you overestimate their chances.” 

11/05/20 10:32PM

Yeah. That’s a disability. I’m getting so that I just can’t stand that voice. I can’t even stand it when people are making fun of it anymore. Just no more.

10/26/20 10:01AM

I’ve seen homeowners do shady stuff, but I’ve seen professionals do shady stuff too. ‘Oh, it will get covered in drywall’ when doing shoddy electrical work at the framing stage is not acceptable. I don’t like dealing with electricity, but with a little research I can do better than an electrician who cuts corners. Read more

10/21/20 9:47AM

Imagine being so devoid of passion that seeing genuine joy in something sparks suspicion. 

8/18/20 11:37AM

I’ve been going to the movies since the age of six and the theatrical experience has been one of the most basic, joyful things in my life. I had the great fortune of going to college during the height of the film guild era and, for years, went to the movies two to three, sometimes four, nights a week. I love the Read more

8/20/18 3:38PM

I mean, sure, we could have just said “some doohickeys get in the way of other doohickies,” but that’s not enough. You have a RIGHT to know WHAT doohickeys and HOW they move and WHY. Don’t fear knowlegde: embrace it.