12:40 PM

Unfortunately the decision to have the finale in either Sonoma or Monterrey has more to do with treating the series’ corporate guests with a picturesque location and lavish amenities than the on track product. Mark Miles referenced this several times in his comments regarding the Laguna finale this week. Monterrey Read more

11:34 AM

Yep. ‘99 Delta 88. She’s my first baby. Rebuilt and running strong.

10:13 PM

Where I come from (Kentuckiana) flashing your lights seems to be equivalent to the double bird. Almost everyone I know gets immediately angry when another motorist flashes them no matter what the intent is. Doing it from behind would put you at a pretty fair risk of getting brake-checked.   

12:15 AM

IMSA just signed a new tv broadcast deal with NBC, so all of their coverage will be on NBCSN starting next year.

4:45 PM

Not only do they let this type of move stand, it is usually encouraged..

9:16 PM

And? Worst case it kills the guy willingly risking his life to drive it.. I love that this owner is so willing to run his priceless possession as it was intended.

5:20 PM

Well that depends on what you want from a super car. If you’re buying the car for it to be a striking loud boat of extravagance and wealth, then the “uniqueness” of a powertrain layout would hold more importance. But if you’re buying a super car for maximum performance then something like the TT V8 makes more sense.

5:48 PM

McLaren just debuted an entirely new in house TT V8 power train to replace the current 3.8L unit. Saying same/similar parts for the powertrain is just ignorant here.

1:27 AM

From everything I have read on this issue it appears to be rather simple. The Brembo system was designed to operate under cooler conditions. The Brembo pads and rotors generated less heat, but at the same time retained that heat for aligned period of time. The caliper designed for those components followed the same Read more

12:55 PM

Hate to be that guy, (I’m now that guy, huh?), but the car Alesi is riding on was Johnny Herbert’s Benetton powered by a Renault RS7 V10. Renault didn’t produce a Formula One V8 until the debuted the RS26 engine for the 2006 regulations. Other than that, Alesi’s triumph was a truly great story.  Jean was the only Read more

1:09 PM

Thats a myth my man.. The only reason the Chevy kits were said to be the problem is because they were the only cars to experience the type of accidents that would induce a rollover. The same exact problem clearly occurred in the Honda kit as well, (as you can see in Ryan Briscoe’s accident at Fontana).

5:24 PM

I’m glad to see that Toyota is investing so much into their NASCAR program, but my god the poor thing looks dim with those lazy eyes!

5:11 PM

Exactly! You also have to remember many of these people are hooked on American cars, have had a bad experience with Dodge or Chrysler, and would have a heart attack if they were told their best option is some “Jap built mom-mobile”. Never said it was an intelligent stance lol.

12:42 PM

From my experience it’s more of a minivan for people who only wish to buy Chevys, and/or people who need a minivan style people mover and wish to have more cargo space, (Or at least the illusion of more cargo space), but don’t want something that “drives like a minivan.” To be fair, it fulfills those purposes quite Read more

6:25 PM

What would be very interesting to see is whether Tesla has a throttle position sensor on the pedal to monitor pedal travel that is independent from the signal to the central computer. It seems in a throttle-by-wire setup this would be a simple way to confirm the drivers real input is what the computer reports. But Read more

4:33 PM

A lot of those crimes do indeed happen, but we don’t hear about them because the intelligent people are smart enough to avoid suspicion in the act. The most dangerous criminal is the one you would least expect to commit crimes. We only hear about stupid criminals because they’re the ones stupid enough to be suspected Read more

7:34 PM

So you’re purposefully mispronouncing a persons name because you feel doing so will make you better than those self-described “pretentious gits” who say it properly? My god.. I’d rather you just called it Porsh because you didn’t know better. In all actuality you are acting in a more pretentious manner than the Read more