Nov 12 2018

I agree. No one said electricity is not a fuel except jalopnik. All references say its not an “approved fuel” which frankly is a legitimate argument. You think if I ran nitromethane, people would cry fowl? probably.

Nov 1 2018

The good news is that if these two Not-Colin-Kaepernicks can’t play, then the Niners only have one choice left...TOM SAVAGE!
That’s fucking right! TOM-FUCKING-SAVAGE! The 28 year old who actually looks DEAD (Is he even breathing?!)! Proud holder of a perfect 2,000 passing yards! And a 5:7 Read more

Oct 31 2018

...shouldn’t even be comparing the two to begin with.

Oct 30 2018

Let’s just be honest here: the Giants should have traded Eli Manning for Peterman.  It’s a win for both sides: Manning’s efficiency goes up as he’s not stuck behind New York’s putrid OL, and Peterman’s efficiency goes up by taking 10-yard sacks every play instead of trying to pass the ball.

Oct 30 2018

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered drunk and weary, Over many a quaint and curious volume of Buffalo football lore- Read more

Oct 30 2018

i feel like folks don’t know about peterman’s 2013 start against florida. Read more

Oct 1 2018

Really, the best argument against the NFL rigging anything is the simple fact that the NFL is not collectively competent enough to do so.

Sep 30 2018

So the issue is that Belichick thinks that McCain’s injury is Doubtful? Makes sense, since usually when Belichick fakes an injury, it shows up as Questionable on the report.

Sep 30 2018

You leave WWE out of this.

Sep 30 2018

give the Browns fans every bit of happiness that they deserve. Read more

Sep 28 2018

Not trying to be a troll, but really the only solution is to try and injure the QB each tme and make the 15 yard penalty worth it. I really don't see any way around getting a penalty with each sack.

Sep 27 2018

What makes me nuts about these exhaust videos is the engine is not under load, where it sounds the best. It’s just sitting there in neutral while Jim-Bob revs it up for the camera.

Sep 25 2018

My dad “accidentally” uses the accent of the culture whose food we are eating at a restaurant. Indian, Mexican, Vietnamese. And that’s less embarrassing than this loss.

Sep 18 2018

A car that isn’t in a crash costs nothing to repair. Read more

Sep 18 2018

cockroaches are tough to kill.  Doesn’t mean I’d want to own one.

Aug 8 2018

I have lurked on Jalopnik for years. This is the first comment that has lured me in to account ownership. You are wrong.

Aug 6 2018

I don’t get it, either. I’ve got a pretty high salary and only one kid, and I’m still usually looking at used stuff in the $20K-30K range. Then again, people seem to talk like $500+ a month for a car is normal, so I guess I’m just out of touch.