Jun 4 2019

There’s a huge, yawning gap between “he is irredeemable” and “if you don’t forgive him right now then you are really the asshole”. I take this whole article to be saying exactly what I feel: he’s not irredeemable, but it’s going to take a lot more before I give him any kind of benefit of the doubt.

May 29 2019

I agree with this in terms of using points ex post (the value of a point that is never used is zero), but in terms of choosing which reward credit cards to sign up for and which to use for any given purchase ex ante it’s pretty important - especially when trying to compare cash rewards to in-kind rewards.

Mar 17 2019

I have those cupholders in my Cayman. Every time you attempt to put a beverage in one you feel the obvious contempt of the designers for anyone who would drink coffee while driving, hydrate while driving, or really do anything while driving that might alter their focus to any minute degree from being 100% on the act Read more

Dec 13 2018

Odd. I saw one in the wild and didn’t realize it until a few seconds later because it looked so much like every other bloated crossover, just a model I couldn’t immediately place. Read more

Dec 10 2018

Trash-talking a government agency with extremely broad subpoena and enforcement powers is indeed highly innovative.

Nov 27 2018

Has there ever been an automotive marketing label as simultaneously long-lived and non-descriptive as “SkyActiv”? I know Mazdas are good, and Mazda has been telling me that they have SkyActiv technology for as long as I can remember, but I couldn’t tell you in any way, shape or form how the latter contributes to the Read more

Nov 21 2018

I can’t say enough good things about the Cayman. Mine is a 987 version, but I’m highly confident the 718 has all of the same positive attributes. Read more

Nov 16 2018

Very few. Which is why the notion of shootings as a “mental health problem” is bogus. The false positives associated with these red flags so vastly overwhelm the true positives that if you implement screening based on them you will simply replace one needle-in-a-haystack problem with another. Read more

Oct 8 2018

Son, this is the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE. And in the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE, there are no “following” drives or “subsequent” drives or “next” drives or any of that candy-ass shit. There are ENSUING drives. ENSUING drives, damn it. Get it right if you want to stick around in the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE.