Dec 17 2018

Theory: It is impossible for a Pats fan to write more than 5 words about the Pats without coming across as completely insufferable. Hey, so sorry because of a run of unprecedented success you have to deal with some people who don’t like the team the same way you do. Must be really fucking difficult!

Dec 13 2018

My sources are all saying they are redesigning it into a FWD-based CUV, but don’t worry they are keeping the mid-engine powerplant!

Dec 12 2018

I dig the rig. There just isn’t $14.5k of camper there. If you spend your time looking at $100k+ expedition vehicles, this might look like a bargain with its minimalist accommodations, but apples-to-apples, you shouldn’t be paying this much for this little.

Dec 12 2018

If you’re an actual outdoorsman/woman, who likes to fish and hunt in the more remote spots that the once-a-year hunters/fishers never find, then this is a Very Nice Price.
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Dec 10 2018

The M70 was forged by a god from two straight sixes in the heavens who slammed it under the hood and with a voice like thunder said “Never open the hood again”

Dec 7 2018

Alt headline: Car we once openly mocked now indistinguishable from present norm.

Dec 3 2018

Late Stage Capitalism is begging corporations for the privilege of buying their goods.

Nov 28 2018

Rofl, it’s true though. I was dropping off a one night stand at his car and he was all excited to show me the SkyActiv badge like it meant anything other than getting 33-45mpg. I still don't understand his motivation there. Read more

Nov 28 2018

Sonoramic Commando, maybe not as long lived, but certainly more fanciful and non descriptive, many more from that era.