Brit on the Side
Feb 15 2018

I dunno, I think that might overstate the dangers and risks involved with the surgery, when we really don’t need to further stigmatize trans folks or the transition process. What if she just died of something super common like a heart attack or a school shooting?

Feb 15 2018

lol. We got married after about 9 months, and people always say that “When you know, you know!!” thing to us, and we’re always like, “HAHAHA NO, more like when you’re 21 you’re fucking stupid.” We just got super fucking lucky and turned out to be compatible after all.

Feb 3 2018

“the tour should of never of been a thing if it’s this bad. Or should of stayed cancelled” Read more

May 16 2017

William Shatner is a goddamned national treasure. He totally made Boston Legal.

Apr 18 2017

I like to take a headband and tuck a q-tip into it and pretend I’m wearing a headset microphone like Britney at the VMAs

Aug 4 2016

No dumbass. As long as the hand that’s on the meat end of the bat is protected — as it is there — the chance of breaking her fingers is virtually nil, because no one is going to try to bunt a ball that’s pitched that far inside OTOH—Her hand there will prevent you from shoving that thing all the way up your ass, where Read more

Sep 14 2015

If you make peace with the fact that most musicians are terrible people its easier to listen to everyone’s music.

Sep 11 2015

Well, it’s better than what they’re doing to Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. They’ve been dead for years, and they still tour and use their preserved corpses as marionette puppets!

Sep 10 2015

Got incredibly happy midway through that after beginning slowly. Five stars, would recommend.

Sep 9 2015

I know. That said, I don’t have a problem with this question being asked. Let’s not pretend there aren’t people out there who think rape is a woman’s fault and if this type of poll brings to the fore just how many there are, I don’t see how that is anything but a good thing so I’m not really seeing the problem with Read more

Sep 9 2015

Yeah, Bad Blood is definitely the weakest song on that album.

Sep 8 2015

Female dolphins won’t mate after giving birth because duh. Male dolphins will often kill the baby dolphin so the mother will mate with them.That’s messed up, yo.

Sep 7 2015

Are you implying all cetaceans look alike?

Sep 7 2015

Umm I’ll have you know that I gave birth in the beautiful Hudson River and my baby was blessed with not two, but THREE perfectly healthy feet.

Sep 7 2015

Yeah, high schools really make a HUGE shift on kids with no warning- they go from “Everything is fine! The kid who faced monumental odds is the winner every time!” to “Life is devoid of meaning” without much transition. YA books (intended for HS audiences) make for a better transition (they’re generally somewhat Read more

Sep 7 2015

In almost every novel I read in high school at least one person or more dies. Jane Austen might have been one of the few novels where someone didn’t die. A lot of the novels were depressing before someone even died. I don’t mind reading depressing stories but I think my school needed to add some comedies to lighten Read more