Brian Schlosser
12/30/18 12:24AM

The part that gets me is that there’s not even the usual lip service to the idea of being sad that children had died, in Trump’s tweets. Even the NRA tries to clad their blatant propaganda in a sense that they actually care about the victims; “thoughts and prayers” might be a memey little aphorism, but it does at Read more

8/10/18 5:54PM

In my experience, the better the dad, the more likely he is to die young. My dad was amazing... and dead before I turned 20.

8/02/18 6:00PM

I am so sick and tired of white people bitching about racism. Its like hearing the lion complain cause the gazelle doesnt like them or said mean things about them. People talking shit due to generations of oppression is not the same thing as racism. Read more

5/25/18 2:53PM

In related news, I am launching a new cyber banking security program. I will personally oversee your bank account and alert you to any suspicious activity. All I need from you is your debit card number, exp. date, security code and online banking login credentials. PM me if interested.

5/23/18 2:18PM

If it’s a witch hunt then he is Baba Yaga, shouting this from his chicken-legged hut in the middle of a swamp.

5/23/18 6:57AM

Well it’s only barbaric to us. For them, it was just Tuesday...

5/12/18 1:13PM

“Of course Trump knew that Cohen was taking money from AT&T for him to influence that merger. Everyone knows that. How else could he direct Cohen to the secret bank account set up for him to “wet his beak” as we used to call it at my old law firm. Read more

5/07/18 9:22PM

He’ll neither bip nor bop in this town ever again!

5/03/18 8:36AM

The alabastards (yep, made that one up too) strike again.

4/18/18 12:29PM

Not for nothing, but in my day when two singers got in a fight at a festival they were headlining and it was over Kurt Cobain.