Brian Schlosser
12/31/18 1:53PM

You dont use FB and other social media because you dont want AI constructed porn of you being made? That's a new one.

12/15/18 7:32AM

Cloudflare’s services aren’t free, are they? So they’re taking money from terrorist organizations to provide protection against DDoS attacks. How in the world is that not material support? There has to be more to this story. 

12/05/18 12:51PM

No matter how advanced, AI still needs hardware to run on. It's always vulnerable to someone with an axe. 

9/03/18 2:16PM

If you were a scientist who had spent their entire life working on those mollusks, you’d probably be pretty happy some of them were saved...

6/07/18 3:21PM

I agree with you. I was pointing out that white men abused online are more likely to shrug ot off because they DONT have mobs attacking them. Its another example of white male privilige.

6/06/18 9:49AM

Sadly, I don’t think it’ll matter if creators take more of an active role in stomping out harassment online. The assholes who indulge in this kind of behavior have no respect for creators they see as having wronged them. Look how much abuse Lucas has suffered from his supposed fanbase. The regressive trolls will just Read more

6/06/18 9:43AM

Oh, white men online get those things, but they don’t take them seriously, because they haven’t been exposed to violence and abuse the way women and POC have.

5/09/18 9:24PM

Well, they eat any and all bones, so that probably answers both questions. There are smaller animals falling to to seafloor all the time, distributed probably pretty regularly.

4/26/18 8:26PM

Fuuuuuuuuck that noise. Put h8m in real prison. Medical ward if necessary, but he doesnt deserve a life of luxury at home.