Mar 10

This is the one. It’s the perfect line reading. I use it all of the time. That pause it what sells it.

Mar 9

To anyone at AV Club that cares, more Will Harris means more reading from me. I skim the site these days, but I’m all in on any Will content. Give it!

Dec 23

Pretty much anytime Avatar creeps back into the public consciousness (launch of the theme park stuff, news of the sequels etc.) The love folks have for this movie, including people that I am related and married to, is baffling.

Dec 19

I think of this often. I went with my friends to see Avatar, and we all hated it. Then I took my wife and my mother, and they LOVED it. I just don’t understand. And to be clear, up until Avatar, I was a die hard Cameron fan. 

Nov 14

I sincerely believe it’s one of the greatest pieces of physical comedy ever filmed. Just brilliant, brilliant work.

Oct 18

Maybe the best episode ever? The interview was great,very relaxed and conversational, and Paul’s performance was epic: ate every “wing”, drank zero milk, and did an all sauce suicide dab to cap it off? LEGEND.

Oct 17

Beyond excited to see this flick, can’t wait until it hits here on the 25th. The Witch was my favorite movie in years, just loved it.

Oct 9

What’s the problem? He’s a good looking guy in his 40's who likes sex parties, and he went to Cupertino High.

Oct 8

I remember a lot of folks rejecting it at the time for being too polished, but I think it’s a tremendous album, every song is great, and it sounds terrific. The REAL “too polished” stuff was yet to come, but WCSE was a high point for sure.

Sep 27

Waitaminnit, I think Walton Goggins is great and all, but is he considered attractive?? This is interesting news. I’m a guy who likes girls, so I don’t spend a lot of time pondering the attractiveness of dudes. But with your Brad Pitts and the like, I “get it”. Walton Goggins, though, man, that’s news to me. Good for Read more

Sep 26

I’ll never forget the first time I listened to Entertainment! When the guitar comes in, it was like being slapped in the face. I had an instant, visceral, physical reaction, I didn’t realize you could DO THAT to a guitar in a “rock band”. Completely changed my relationship with the instrument. Such a timeless album.

Sep 23

Had a chance to interview him several years ago at a convention, and he was as engaging and fun to talk to as you could possibly hope. We talked a lot about the Jack Hill movies, and my favorite Spider-Baby. Super cool guy. I’ll have to dig out the mini-cassette and give the interview a listen again. RIP Sid!

Sep 18

I am on your wavelength, TaumpyTears (great name, btw.) I saw House of 1000 Corpses on the big screen and left it thinking “That wasn’t GOOD, but he has style. There’s SOMETHING there that he can build on.” Devil’s Rejects felt like another step forward. Still couldn’t say it was GOOD, but there was a nugget of style Read more

Aug 1 2019

I do appreciate that they went to the effort to get the Joe Strummer Artist Series Telecaster to complete the effect. It’s a relic edition in which every little scratch and bit of rust is reproduced in loving detail. Being a huge Clash fan, I bought one back when it came out for $500, and was super excited to do so. I Read more

Jul 31 2019

“By all means mediocre”??? Clearly we didn’t see the same film. Deep Blue Sea is a hoot. Love it. Now “The Meg”, that is a mediocre, disappointing shark movie. 

Jul 31 2019

Also saw Deep Rising in the theater, opening weekend, but I’ve always been a sucker for water-based monster movies. Deep Star Six, Leviathan, Abyss, man, that was a magical summer. Read more