10/14/20 12:05PM

Once a bird hit my mom’s window. I don’t think it was actually dead, just stunned...and a squirrel came onto the deck and dragged the bird away up the tree by its wing. Yiiiiikes.

10/08/20 4:00PM

This happened when I was around 13 or 14. My dad had recently passed away, so it was just me, my mom, and my 5-years-younger brother. After my dad died, my mom became really adamant about always keeping the doors locked all the time, even though we lived in a safe, quiet neighborhood in a safe, quiet Alaskan town. I Read more

12/11/19 1:09PM

I (briefly) worked at Merry Maids in the early aughts, and one of the first houses I cleaned had beautiful hardwood flooring in every single room...EXCEPT the bathrooms and the kitchen, which were carpeted. It was so bizarre.

10/03/19 4:45PM

SERIOUSLY! At first glance I thought the picture was of naked Kim K., standing on her tippy toes and wearing super saggy nylons (or maybe that her legs were melting?? idk).

7/26/19 4:51PM

One of my absolute favorite movies as a pre-teen...might be time for a rewatch! The main thing I remember, other than the songs, is how absolutely vile Louise’s younger brother is. Hopefully being turned into a dog scared him into treating people somewhat decently for the rest of his life, otherwise he will definitely Read more

5/07/19 12:53PM

Was he the one who did the “Fright Experiments”? That shizz was messed up.

4/10/19 1:32PM

Oops, I missed the comment where you said you’d already listened to the podcast! Forgive me my fumbling explanation.

4/10/19 1:31PM

They told her the meaning of the brand was something having to do with the elements, because blah blah some bs about a woman’s power being elemental or something? And yeah, some of the stuff she was talking about were definitely red flags, which she apparently realizes now looking back, but one of the core tenets of Read more

4/08/19 4:21PM

I just listened to the first season of the podcast Uncover, called “Escaping Nxivm,” in which they interview a woman who spent like 12 years in Nxivm as a speaker and only realized something was wrong when she was asked to join DOS. She was best friends with Lauren Salzman. It was interesting and messed up.

12/21/18 5:28PM

I don’t remember when I first watched movie #2, though I can tell you whenever I catch it as an adult, the Trump cameo makes me do a full-body dry heave so that’s not too fun. Tim Curry is the best, though. Read more

10/24/18 12:29PM

I totally do this. Sometimes I will watch scary movies, but I always read about them first to make sure I know what happens and who I can expect to die.