10/11/20 3:17PM

I wrote this up last year, intending to share it on here, and then I never did for some reason. A year later and I’ve decided it’s time. Read more

10/11/20 1:11PM

This was perfectly written! I actually read it and meant to comment yesterday and got derailed. But while I was in my dressing room this morning getting ready I kept hearing a light thudding. Now, I know it was squirrels dicking around on my roof, but it made me think of your story immediately and I laughed.

10/09/20 1:24AM

This reminds me of something that happened to me! My parents house has a back deck door that is basically just a giant window with blinds covering it. One day my parents were out and I was hanging out downstairs in the living room (where the deck door is) and I heard a light scraping on the window part of the door. It Read more

10/08/20 5:23PM

We have a metal roof and loads of squirrels in our neighborhood. Fall season is noisy, and the cats are always on high alert.

10/06/20 2:20PM

I must confess up front this is not particularly scary - but it is definitely ghostly. It just involves my father - the sweetest man ever - so how scary is that?! Lol. I grew up in the country on a farm with horses. Since we were so remote, and the driveway to my childhood home so long, my parents had installed a Read more

10/06/20 1:01PM

This happened on Halloween night 6 years ago. I had been out partying with my friends for hours, so needless to say I was very drunk, and very tired of being in my makeup and heels. I was a student back then, and had no money to take a cab, so I left the bar and ran to catch the last subway (just before 2am). There Read more

8/06/20 9:15AM

Alaska is getting ready to gear up the in-person schools even as Anchorage, in effect our capitol and literally our largest city, just locked down for 4 weeks minimum. One of my kid’s educators admitted that the higher-ups have been having virtual meetings with the tell those teachers, via a screen, that Read more

8/05/20 10:55AM

A long-ass time ago, I stumbled upon a long series of accounts from planned parenthood staff (and unfortunately, I don’t have the link anymore), and a common anecdote was the daughter of picketers... or sometimes the picketers themselves coming in for an abortion, and then going right back to the picket line. I recall Read more

7/15/20 4:42PM

I agree, I don’t want to tell people their opinions are wrong (if you don’t like it, you don’t like it), but sometimes I feel like people take for granted just how well the systems in BotW worked together. Everything about the game felt natural to me. Read more

7/15/20 1:56PM

For me, it is Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I know there’s other open-world game, but this iteration of Hyrule feels so imposingly huge with layer upon layer of rules and logics upon each other that it feels so naturally open and free, that you’re unrestricted to do anything you want within its system. Read more

7/07/20 1:42PM

This. I voted for Barack Obama because I believed he wanted the best for everyone, but ALSO because I knew he was at least 50 times smarter than me. You’d think these cretins don’t have much to be proud of, but clearly not so, because what kind of titanic ego thinks “I want someone JUST LIKE ME to have access to the Read more

7/07/20 1:22PM

“I don’t know, I like _____, I just feel like he’s somebody I could have a beer with” is code for “I don’t like it when people are clearly smarter than me.” Read more