Boy Emperor
Nov 11

It also has a clock to tell you when the toaster strudels are done

Oct 31

I’m against limiting wages for labor of any form. This doesn’t do anything to help the sport. Lewis Hamilton is never going to sign with Haas, whether they can pay him $50 million or $500,000. They pay for the name for marketing, George Russell makes peanuts (for an F1 driver) and brings huge speed, ditto Leclerc, Read more

Oct 7

Pre-funding pensions for 75 years is not even close to “sound fiscal policy.” It’s an absolutely insane and asinine rule that no other entity, public or private, has to deal with. It’s a recent rule created by Republicans purely so they can make disengenuous bad faith arguments that the USPS is losing money and should Read more

Oct 7

More government organizations should be run that way. “We’ll figure out how to get the money later” is not sound fiscal policy, particularly for a pension with set benefits. Read more

Sep 27

OR see If Aarin Sarpee has any criminal offenses that someone, say a cop, might threaten to expose to the public or turn Into a more serious crime.

Sep 24

I think, at least, in the last few episodes he has been injured and is maybe going insane. Or he is drinking to try to forget that hair cut he has

Sep 23

Honestly, how many Land Rover owners even own their car longer than the standard warranty? 5%? 10%? Read more

Sep 21

But guys, we are just months away from full self driving!  

Sep 10

I don’t suppose Defector will expand into other verticals...

Sep 10

hey just wanted to say i love you jason and also, subsequently, fuck the haters·

i updated my bookmark to

Sep 2

I spent the majority of my life living near a couple of the richest zip codes in the country. Rich people style comes in a few flavors:
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