May 12

But all of these transactions will be NFTs. Those former minivan owners are gonna be blockchain millionaires.

May 7

I’ll never order off menu unless it’s at restaurant where the owners and cooks have been feeding me since I was in utero (and that place closed a decade ago). My mom loves telling stories about how the cook at our favorite tex mex place would literally come out and shoot the shit with my dad for like 5 minutes before Read more

May 5

I think the thing I hate most about Elon Musk is the discourse around Elon Musk (I know, original, right?).
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Apr 18

Although low tech, they do have digital evidence in the case.

Apr 14

None. I will not be embarrassed to admit my love of any car. You should be embarrassed to be a hater if you give me crap about liking a machine that uses the power of fire to move my fat ass from point A to point B that many someones spent many hours and boatloads of money to design and build.

Apr 8

Anybody who tries to get you to ride in the back of an IS is not your friend.

Apr 8

a basic sealed beam headlight was $2-3 in 1985, assuming 3%/year inflation that would be $5.62-$8.44

a basic pair of H11 bulbs is $20, so $10 each.

but if you need to replace the assembly (like if you smash it on a shopping cart) replacements can easily run you $500 (current model Ram 1500 for example cost my buddy Read more

Mar 31

I’m a bespoke clam chowder delivery driver and my wife is a button collection consultant, we are looking for a JDM wagon to deliver our goods. Budget: $1.7 million.

Mar 30

An Israeli moving into someone else’s space without permission? Surely you jest.

Feb 5

It’s just six sigma but with like, two sigmas instead of six.

Feb 1

Thank you, but I’ll keep eating all the delicious styles of pizza made by whoever knows how to make them the best, which has nothing to do with their nationality or genetics.
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Jan 25

You want car poetry.... You use a Saab as the banner..... But it isn’t a Sonett? WTF is this?