May 9

Debris landed about 30 miles west of the Maldives, based on the coordinates provided. About 600 miles from the southwestern coast of Sri Lanka. Peaceful use my foot.

May 4

The fact that this is called a holy grail goes to show how shitty religion can be.

Apr 24

You actually read Playboy? I thought its only purpose was to stick the pages together.

Apr 23

Carolina Gold BBQ sauce is basically hot mustard. Alternatively, you can make your own by mixing 1 part mayo, 2 parts dijon, 1 part ketchup, and hot sauce to taste. 

Apr 8

True; I tend to avoid cars that have designs that are that poor. Not sure how sealed beam headlights would change the issue that you’ve identified though. 

Mar 31

You reference the Middle East and representation for individuals of Middle East descent three times.

Feb 14

Before we started dating, I commented off-hand that to my now-ex that her nail polish matched my car’s blue. A few weeks later, I picked her and her friend up outside a club and drove them home, during which she commented that I wasn’t lying and her nail polish was, in fact, an exact match of my wagon’s Regal Blue Read more

Feb 5

SpaceX waited until the explosions appeared to have stopped before adding the feature of live crew. Seems that was flight 85.

Jan 8

Wouldn’t a peanut-flavored Cheeto be a Peeto? Not sure I want my kids exposed to that.