3/20/20 11:42PM

If anyone feels like sharing the stuff flooding your inboxes, here you go. Might produce something interesting.

1/06/20 12:38AM

He opened his list of directors by naming Marielle (his most recent director) and went on to name Penny, Nora, and Lena. Might’ve been others I didn’t catch. If anything, it seemed he was making a point of stressing that he’s worked with as many excellent women as men — a direct rebuttal to the “there just aren’t Read more

2/11/19 6:13PM

She was the favorite going in because the country contingent votes as a block. Rap, rock, and pop split their votes based on individual taste, but country voters tend to line up behind whomever they’re told to. It’s very much like Democrat vs. Republican voters, when you think about it.

1/07/19 6:55AM

No, but it’s about old white men and acting *and* features an elderly movie star, so it was basically created in an HFPA bait lab.

1/07/19 6:50AM

Was he, though? I totally read that reaction as a bad attempt at feigning shock, especially since he’d been expected to win (at least based on everything I read in advance). Read more

9/22/18 1:36AM

Sad thing is, either one gives him a rapist for a father. I have to imagine him knowing that provides a lot of motivation to not just break the cycle, but break the culture. Bless him.

9/22/18 1:30AM

A lifetime of anger at Woody Allen has given him superhuman abilities when it comes to taking down sex predators.

6/26/18 8:28PM

I worry about the fuel consumption involved with transporting single-buyer orders. But the boxes? Man, I LOVE getting Amazon boxes. I reuse them for all kinds of things. I look at them as free storage bins, basically.

2/06/18 10:06PM

It’s not doing anything for me, but part of that is possibly due to how hard it will be to live up to Mattress Performance’s gravity.

9/12/17 11:02PM

NBC unfortunately retained the rights to all of his recurring characters and bits. They let the Masturbating Bear, the Interrupter, and I think Preparation H Raymond come back as one-offs to say goodbye to longtime writers when they left, but I imagine TBS had to pay up to do it. It’s a shame.

8/30/17 11:38PM

Are you secretly Andy Richter? He’s mentioned a bunch of times that due to where he sits, he can see who has facelift and nostril scars. I wish he’d spill already.

8/13/17 2:57PM

Take a stroll through any newspaper’s comments section today, especially on Facebook. You’ll find that many of these chucklefucks are invoking their suspect “part Cherokee”-ness whenever their racism is called out. Read more

8/07/17 8:47PM

McEnany has famously flubbed basic legal knowledge on CNN, even after getting her degree. Who knows if she’s sat yet (or ever will). That’s another question I’d love to see looked into. Read more

8/07/17 7:29PM

I’m still waiting for clarification of her academic credentials. She constantly mentions her “Georgetown, Harvard, and Oxford education,” but it doesn’t take much effort to figure out that she transferred to Harvard from Miami *as a 3L* after getting her CNN exposure, and only did a non-competitive study-abroad Read more

6/09/17 2:26AM

Her donors are exactly what you’d expect, by the way.