A River of Bourbon Runs Through It
Nov 22 2019

There is a theory in engineering that there is a natural path a design solution takes to the best solution. A sort of natural selection. Over the years we learn from our bad designs and our good designs, eventually working our way towards the ideal design. Read more

Oct 29 2019

So it stands to reason that if the first conversation was at 22:30, then the first internet porn was viewed at 22:31.

Oct 25 2019

Good god, number 3 all day long. You can’t send Matt Gaetz to DC and then blame DC for Matt Gaetz. We didn’t want him here, you did. He’s YOUR melanoma.

Oct 24 2019

i have watched this once. during this viewing a fucking video about fucking wally backman that i have already made the choice not to watch the 200 times it’s been served to me has also been autoplaying, making the experience of this blog about as good as getting kicked repeatedly in the shins. Read more

Oct 24 2019

I’m convinced the new owners of deadspin bought a massive insurance plan and are intentionally sabotaging the site to cash out. Good article Chris, too bad a half dozen ads and autoplay videos crash it every paragraph. 

Oct 23 2019

Part of me wants to ask “what the fuck makes dudes like this think shit like this is okay?”

The rest of me understands: “Entitlement. Entitlement, and a culture that has been content until just recently to say ‘boys will be boys.’”

Thank god the second part of that appears to be experiencing some pushback, at least. Read more

Oct 23 2019

Hi Barry always love the articles but for the love of god please tell the people in charge that the auto-play videos in the middle of them are ruining this website. 

Oct 22 2019

This is more embarrassing than my unintentional smear campaign against Sports Illustrated when Kathy Ireland was on the cover.

Oct 20 2019

Very nice of them to go shirts and skins to tell them apart in that video apparently taken with a toaster. My kingdom for a pixel.

Oct 14 2019

And none of what that clown says is remotely true. And again...for those in the back. Freedom of speech is freedom from government intervention and prosecution for protected speech (and not all speech is protected). Getting fired for exercising speech does not fall under any auspices of the First Amendment. This shit Read more