A River of Bourbon Runs Through It
Oct 29

I mean, this customer service ticket reads like every call I make to Verizon when something goes wrong. “Trouble on the line.” Charlie’s gotta talk to Ben. It’s hours more before they try something else. And of course the next day, a different guy’s gotta come back and finish the job. Some things never change.

Oct 25

So Boston Fan is now judging other fan bases as inferior and flawed.  That’s some rich fuckin chowdah right there.  Constructive thought:  if you are going to be a douche and plan to show that to everyone, maybe do it with fewer words.  

Oct 24

I don’t know who is driving Deadspin into the ditch, but they have a lead fucking foot. Autoplay ads with no ability to opt out? drop down ads that cover half the page? When do we get the viruses?  Get bent.

Oct 4

Yeah, I read that part and wondered if they “refused to finish the season” because they don’t want to be associated with this kind of behavior or — more likely — I’m guessing they are quitting because they think the rapers are being mistreated. It’s gotta be the latter, right? I know it’s been asked and unanswered Read more

Sep 26

You know, now that Gladwell points out this new theory, I’m not sure we can say all those priests did what all those boys said they did.  I mean, it seems like we probably just wanted to believe all those boys and why didn’t so many of them come forward and tell us about their horrors until they were grown ups.  Read more

Sep 13

Please tell me more about these “disingenuous attacks on Medicare for All” and how super government run health care will be. I’d really like to learn more about how a system that is already underfunded, requires 20% co-insurance for most procedures, and is slated to be insolvent in 7 years, will be good for us all by Read more