6/09/21 11:04AM

Can we just give another shout out to Natalie Holt and her amazing score for this. We get spooky theremin sci-fi music mixed with more mournful tones, and it just works so well.

6/09/21 7:54AM

It’s an idea foreshadowed by an early scene where a 16th-century French boy tells Mobius that the killer was a horned devil who gave out gifts, which in retrospect totally sounds like Loki.

6/06/21 10:57AM

I really didn’t like Baby Driver, even in 2017 before anything was really out there about the cast. The music is good, yes, and the driving scenes are well done, but Wright was clearly trying to make a Tarantino and just fell short on all accounts. In a Tarantino flick, the bad guys would have been evil but at least Read more

6/02/21 2:09PM

Did this comment leak in from an extremely weird alternate reality or am I just reading it wrong?

5/27/21 3:37PM

Stargirl, to me, had a stellar first season and carved a distinct niche for itself. Pat is one of my favorite TV dads & Cindy/Shiv one of the most compelling & interesting ArrowVerse villains.

5/11/21 10:44AM

Is it weird that I’m really proud of Bautista? He’s had such a fascinating career. Yeah, he does the occasional action movie worthy of his athletic prowess, but then he gets cast in stuff like Blade Runner 2049, Dune, or the new Knives Out. He’s one of the few wrestlers-turned-actors who I feel loves the craft.

4/28/21 2:34PM

That’s what I love about it: Ewan McGregor demonstrating how to clearly criticize something while remaining classy and as respectful as the situation allows. We could use more of that, and less over-the-top vitriol to show everyone just how righteous one’s anger is.

4/28/21 2:11PM

I’m going to say that while the Prequels aren’t good by any means, the themes of the trilogy certainly have potential as we have seen in the Clone Wars animated series. There is clearly a story worth telling about the fall of the Republic and the rise of Darth Vader. The problem is what holds it back is that George Read more