6/14/21 7:24PM

Imagine all the jizz in the robot brothel!

6/09/21 8:16PM

The cola wars are over and the winner is Eastern Airlines Cola.

6/09/21 7:12PM

I liked the clips though because they had a dual purpose of recapping the movies and also showing Loki what his life would have been like. Hiddleston was really strong watching his own death.

6/07/21 7:16PM

How dare she do the thing you wanted her to do!

6/06/21 8:03PM

The ending was a fight between two cars in a parking garage.

6/06/21 8:00PM

It’s my least favourite Wright thing BY FAR but somehow it’s his best reviewed.  I don’t get it.  There’s a few cool scenes but I felt nothing for any character.  Well except confusion in some cases.

6/05/21 8:08PM

It’s good that we have a replacement Scarlett Johansson lined up for when the main one is permanently cancelled.

6/01/21 8:04PM

The whole “pagent” was just a front put on by the Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne as a way to meet white girls.

5/31/21 6:56PM

Wasn’t Erin like fourteen when he knocked her up?  Fuck him.

5/31/21 6:54PM

Angourie Rice’s singing did not play as large a part in this show as I was led to believe.

5/23/21 7:16PM

Okay, so is Dowd just openly trolling now or what?  Justice League was WAY better than this (way better than I thought it would be) and actually a lot more fun than it.  Yet he gave JL a C and claimed it was worse than the Whedon version?  This gets a B?  The action wasn’t even that good!  It didn’t even look good, Read more

5/10/21 7:21PM

Jess is the killer. She was jealous she didn’t get to go to the party in the woods.