Yesterday 2:16PM

When is Lincoln going to release a large brown car named the Log. I just want my Lincoln Log. 

Yesterday 11:38AM

To paraphrase Thomas Paine ““A body of men holding themselves accountable to nobody ought not to be trusted by anybody.”
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Yesterday 11:18AM

I am watching a Youtuber redo a 1948 Jag, and he replaced the brakes in it. The reason being that all the Jag owners advised it, “because otherwise every stop is a panic stop”. So I can imagine the brakes are not great at stopping this behemoth as well.

Tuesday 5:58PM

That classic VW Type 3 has the style to bring a smile to people’s face as an errand runner.

6/09/21 2:20PM

Take a breath Jayjay. There aren’t many out there. If you move silently and quickly, you could probably either replace them or break the existing ones, forcing them to replace with the standard taillight. 

6/09/21 2:16PM

That interior shocked me. It’s way better than I expected. I liked the colors.

6/07/21 11:01AM

He gives the same response that a parent would give a 3 year old asking “Why?”

6/02/21 2:48PM

Happy Birthday Jason! I have never thought about turn signals as much as you have forced me too, and I don’t regret it. I’ll make sure I do 50 blinks on my turn signal today, just to commemorate this day. 

6/01/21 4:33PM

Thank you David! That was a good break from the project I am currently working on. I love learning about everyday parts on vehicles. 

5/28/21 2:13PM

I just want to appreciate Torch’s graphic. Not often do writers get the chance to create those sorts of graphics. I am sure it filled you with glee. 

5/27/21 7:04PM

Yep. That was the winner out of the choices. 

5/27/21 7:02PM

Is it just ironic to me that the video icon is a giant BJ while reviewing something that really sucks?

5/27/21 12:20PM

So glad it has lived up to your expectations. I look forward to seeing more about it soon. But you missed a premium time to say “it’s time to turn up the beats.”

5/26/21 9:08PM

Exactly. Radar has great uses at speed. 

5/26/21 8:48PM

Those seats are the worst part to me. Such a weird design choice.

5/26/21 12:31PM

I mean, I love the big sunroof as well, but that dash is awful. Truly a horrendous, glossy plastic.