Yesterday 4:24PM

Actually yes. It charges quite quickly, is easy to drive on narrow roads, and is fun to drive. Although the EQ1 is a new EV, it isn’t nearly as high tech as a Tesla. For most things that I control on the touchscreen, I also have manual controls, which can come in handy from time to time. Read more

Yesterday 4:23PM

Is this something you can rent in China if you were a tourist. I mean when it comes to Ev’s and rental car companies in China, how progressive have they been in bring electric vehicles into rental fleets.

Yesterday 8:08AM

This is one of those cases where “eminently forgettable” is totally okay. Like a Camry, like an ES300, the Millenia is a bit like Clark Kent. If you’re in the know, you know there’s a lot going on under that plain suit and affordable haircut. And everybody else, the ones who aren’t in the know, see just another guy on Read more

Monday 12:23PM

Isn’t Michael Keaton like, 70? Is he going to wear an onion on his utility belt?

Monday 12:17PM

When did the German car styling go wrong? Having seen the abominations of the MB GLC, BMW X6 and its MB brother, and those BMW 550-somethings in person - ugh! Read more

Monday 9:03AM

This seems to be more of a Holy Grail than half of the Jeeps David posts about.  How often does one get a chance to by a 50 year old prototype that looks like something being sold today? Well, minus a 10 inch screen, backup cam, and Bluetooth.

Saturday 7:45PM

Hey, I sold it to her, and I talked with her this morning - I just want to say, I legit had no idea. This was my grocery getter and city escape vehicle, and the steering was vague as hell but I chalked that up to GMT2500 handling, or lack thereof. I never wrenched on this except an alternator, because I honestly had Read more

Thursday 1:57PM

These are terrible recommendations. Only the i3 is remotely funky, and that’s this dude’s primary criteria.

Thursday 11:59AM

looking forward to your future article about the Chinese space program’s version of space food.

6/16/21 3:04PM

Or pull a Ferrari (w the Enzo) or Opel (with the Adam) and call it the Lincoln Abraham.

6/16/21 11:04AM

The combination of the plastic sides along with the logo design was giving me strong Little Tikes vibes.

6/16/21 10:39AM

Jet fuel pairs nicely with rotisserie heiress, with a side of hedge fund manager

6/16/21 10:20AM

Oregon has a bill being considered that would only allow scrap dealers to buy catalytic converters from licensed businesses and require them to provide the VIN from the car it came from. Read more