Oct 21

-yawn- Wake me up when somebody makes a long-range, fast charging, AWD, 2-door, electric hot hatch.

Oct 20

Well, the higher beltlines and hence higher bed sides made for a more gooder (deeper) hillbilly hot tub.

Oct 16

Always a thrill to see an article about the Ridley Scott Superbowl commercial.

Oct 15

I would just like to say that any decision makers that select “allen head bolt or screw” in a vehicle should be kicked in their respective genitals. Read more

Oct 15

When I was kid growing up in the 60s you’d see cars like this driven on summer weekends. The founder of Esquire magazine lived in our neighborhood and he and his friends had some amazingly cool stuff - one of my favorite childhood memories is a ride in a type 33 Bugatti.  There’s nothing like the smell of hot Read more

Oct 13

I guess the moral here is to not let your butt write a check that your mouth can’t cash.


Oct 2

As a VW owner, best of luck. Your wiring is coated in some soy-based thing that critters find delicious. My Golf R was in the shop for a week trying to diagnose a misfire, turns out the injector harness is very tasty to rabbits.

Oct 2

As a small business owner that deals with customers all over the country, I can’t just ingore calls I don’t know. Furthermore, most of these spammy calls mask the number and use a local area code. 

Sep 30

I spent a large chunk of the mid-1990s working in a mom & pop garage/service station. I remember well the wheezy Excels and Sonatas, warmed-over Mitsubishi designs with the build quality of a Snap-Tite model, weeping oil out of every gasket and breaking door handles at an alarming rate. Read more

Sep 28

Man, I swear reviewers like this are embarrassing. Talking about not enough info two episodes in on a season. I won’t even mention my other qualms. 

Sep 28

Yes I think Fargo is a smart show. It’s well-written, takes full advantage of the great cast it gets every season, and has some phenomenal moments which are unlike most other shows on TV. People rag on S3, but there are so many great moments from that season like the episode that mostly takes place in the past or the Read more

Sep 25

We are primates - OOOH bright colors = ripe or dangerous, either way, pay attention.

Sep 24

Edit: We don’t know but it was awesome to accompany you down that rabbit hole.