Thursday 12:24PM

Yup, Subaru put those seats in the back of the Brat just to skirt the law too!

Thursday 11:06AM

One thing I know for a fact is that wind can’t ever push you faster than it is going.”

6/07/21 1:27PM

Counterpoint: the side exhaust, the power, the looks, the doors, the reliability are all fantastic features of the car. Plus they were in the best Top Gear race ever (versus ferry).

6/04/21 11:39AM

I dunno. I am OK with gov’t regulation but this is a stupid rule and Ford’s solution meets the letter of the law and still remains profitable for them. Legislators should either write the rules so it fits the behaviors they want to see or let Ford do what they want (or better yet do away with this artificial inefficien Read more

6/01/21 3:48PM

Minor point: I do not think the Lambo caught on fire. My guess is that the coolant system sprung a huge leak, spilled red coolant everywhere and results in a ton of steam from the hot liquid being expelled or touching other hot things.

5/27/21 2:50PM

Reminds me of the Dunham Corvarado from the James Bond movie like this one

5/25/21 1:45PM

Thank you. I would imagine fuel mileage is the least of concerns with that thing but...Toureg so maybe I am wrong. 

5/24/21 3:38PM

Thanks for the tow vehicle update! You are brave for choosing on of these for such an important and long distance trip. Read more

5/17/21 6:08PM

My last, and probably my most controversial, piece of advice is that if you are hellbent on ending it please don’t directly involve other, innocent, people in it” Read more

5/13/21 3:13PM

I like that, good idea. Could be used for so many other things too. Or they already even have these sensors. 

5/13/21 10:46AM

Honest question: how come some stories have one title at the top of the page and in the link, but a different title in my browser tab? Was this a last-minute change before publishing or the tab one was just a working title or what?

5/13/21 10:41AM

Ive been talking about this with my buddies as well: a downforce limit using some sort of downforce test (I think of it as a downforce “dyno” rig of some kind). Read more

5/06/21 3:51PM

Easy to pivot to large, expensive vehicles when gas is cheap and the economy is rocking. What happens when either or both of these are not true...plebs can’t buy just Silverados and Escalades.

5/03/21 10:41AM

Cam here to post this. Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo is great car spotting and for turning a kid into a car fan.

4/27/21 1:14PM

You think an engine is going to run without fuel injectors and a fuel pump? Find an engine that Bosch supplies parts for today, take off the fuel injectors and fuel pump and see how well that engine runs.....

4/23/21 2:13PM

What are you talking about, dude? Bosch makes plenty of moving “engine parts” like alternators, starter motors, fuel pumps, fuel injectors, emissions controls, etc. These would tend to disappear in an EV world, no?