6/11/21 12:24PM

It’s more about the size of the cat itself. Big airflow requires a much larger cat, oftentimes with a richer per pound value because of the need to heat all that mass quickly.

6/11/21 12:14PM

Honda Element’s are popular too because they are easy to access and fairly valuable.  I believe they can scrap them for like $800-1000.  And it is expensive to get an OEM replacement.  Multiple people make guards for Elements and other commonly hit vehicles.  I think Prius’s (Pri-i?) are popular too.

6/11/21 11:48AM

Notice they target the tall lifted vehicles for ease of extraction. 

6/10/21 9:58AM

“One thing I know for a fact is that wind can’t ever push you faster than it is going. I mean, you can tack a sailboat and technically go faster than your tailwind”

MUCH faster. Let’s take a look at a gliding aircraft and then turn the situation sideways. A given aircraft has a 70mph optimal glide speed and can go Read more

6/09/21 9:44PM

I know we have had a back and forth over the last day or so (told ya I’d still read the articles. Fantastic job keeping me engaged all day!), but this is simply not how sailing works: Read more

6/09/21 8:22PM

Nothing “breaks” or “defies” physics. Tired ass cliche hyperbole makes for a crap headline.

6/04/21 5:00PM

It is possible the lawmakers didn’t predict the loopholes Ford would exploit.

6/04/21 4:50PM

The Rest-of-World is a much larger market for compact vans; why should they be built here? The real question is why the government does something this monumentally dumb.

6/04/21 4:34PM

The law is a stupid law. Skirting around its spirit by following its letter is exactly what should be done with all stupid laws that remain on the books. 

6/01/21 11:09AM

It’s not *quite* accusing someone of Nazi sympathies because they once owned a VW Beetle made in the ‘70s, but it’s only a step or two removed from it.

6/01/21 10:37AM

There’s really not much of anything here. The headline and the beginning of the story made it sound like Erin from The Office was burning crosses and shit. Nope, she attended some corny debutante ball thing that has a racist past. Most of the US has a racist past. Read more

6/01/21 10:26AM

Look, if we start doing “Famous person took part in institution that turned out to be hella racist” takes we’re going to be here forever because, spoiler alert, most white institutions in America are hella racist.

5/28/21 5:06PM

Samauri, not sidekick. Otherwise you're 100% correct. 

5/28/21 2:29PM

Sorry, not a Tesla worshipper here.  Doing something that shouldn’t be done, SHOULD be called out.  Consumer Retorts isn’t the only one calling them out NIHTSA is as well.