October 31st. Broke up 11 years ago. I only remember because she was a horror show. Read more

Agreed. She was/is a huge figure in our culture, like her or not. She doesn’t have the artistic genius of a Prince or a David Bowie or even an Amy Winehouse, but she has a genius for fame, which makes her equally significant (as an icon, not as an artist). Also, as a child of the ‘80s, I can attest that her Read more

Kanye West doesn’t care about black people
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I was marveling at how young her voice sounds during the speech, mostly. And her dancer’s body is pretty amazing. Read more

I love her. I love love love her. Millennials will never get how much she means to those of us who grew up with her. Madonna forever ❤️ Read more

Are you sure you were at a Madonna show? Because her crowds are usually 50% very much happy to be there gay men. Read more

This is so hilariously untrue 0- so there were no gay men in the audience? Bwahahahaha. Read more

Madonna has taken amazing care of herself and it shows. Great speech, Madge. Read more

She’s young for a presidential candidate, she has amazing work ethic, she has stamina, she defers to specialists, she is pro-civil rights and the environment — I mean, why the fuck not. Without exaggeration she is galaxies better than what we’re looking at. Read more

Let’s be real. She’s fine with it. Read more

I was reading this wondering what the big deal was? Sounds like winter. Read more

Millennials have this thing with self centeredness. And selfies...
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No kidding, this is only news to city dwellers who never venture far off the lightly salted sidewalks while getting a cappuccino frappuccino latte grande excellante.

For the other 95% of the northern half of the nation, it is indeed, Tuesday. And we have to get to work...
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I feel like your inconveniences are less important than the real issues here, yet somehow you wrote an entire article about how much it sucks to be cold. Read more

It makes her a fucking asshole. Read more

we all remember where we were the first time we saw that cribs. There are only two cribs I remember seeing. That and Gavin’s, it’s what made me more of a fan of his after the whole Spring Break thing.