Apparently she has put out an album and a video. Who knew?

Witches are real, they do exist, and probably do have friends. Is it that ridicule-worthy to think that a movie star/activist who meets lots of interesting people could possibly be friends with a couple of them? It doesn’t have to be a big joke or mock-fest. Read more

A way to work in her snowbunny selfie? Read more

Pimp Mama Kris has put her spin on this story for the media. We’ll never know what really happened. They deserve privacy, of course, but this isn’t how it all went down. Read more

The Daily Mail is reporting the gunman has been shot and 9 people were injured. Read more

Shhh, careful! I have been banned for expressing similar sentiment. Read more

And she’s a mother to a little girl. The cycle continues. Read more

Those Duggar girls sure have the same type. Tall, scrawny, with patchy beards. Read more

damn. sorry it’s so huge!

Beautiful baby. That being said, the thirsty slag had a scheduled c-section. All that posturing and posing for a damn dollar. That’s the only reason this precious little peanut is drawing breath today. Now, that’s a whole new kind of down low dirty shame. Read more