Marx and Sparks

Oh man, you so hit the nail on the head with this. The original term was wrong. And since language naturally shifts, I don’t know why people are so mad about this one thread from Melissa Fabello and trying to get the genie back in the bottle when the term has morphed and been morphed for at least 5 or 10 years. Read more

The fact that Bradley Cooper, Blake Shelton (!), and fucking Johnny Depp (TWICE!) have been declared the sexist man alive tell us everything we could need to know. Read more

I fingerspell words too! Just some words and just sometimes (if I think about it, it’s probably related to anxiety) and I’ve also wondered if I’ve been “caught” before. I have deaf people in my family so they’d definitely catch me, but I don’t think I’ve ever done it around them. Read more

She’s “messy as hell” because she grew up in a cult and was terrorized by Weinstein. Read more

This is something I keep struggling with, as I want to be aggressive with my student debt but also struggle to see the point. See also: therapy. Read more

In Canada, this wackjob would have lost his license a long time ago. Read more

Beyond is soy free and not mushy. And I went veg (23 years ago) not because I don’t like meat but because I don’t like animal cruelty. So I’ll continue to eat Beyond Sausages a couple times a month and be very happy about it. Read more

So the interesting thing about Beyond and Impossible, which started the trend, is that vegetarians and vegans aren’t actually their target market--it’s meat eaters. Which is why they have a stipulation that grocery stores must sell them in the meat section, not the tofu section. They want to create something so Read more

The sausage is SO good. And, bonus, gluten free, unlike most fake meats, so I can actually eat it! Read more

This makes literally zero sense (though a lot of meat eaters are weirdly offended by vegetarians eating fake meat—perhaps cognitive dissonance coming out to play?). Meat tastes good. Vegetarians don’t want to contribute to animal suffering, climate change, and avoidable poor health. So you can have all the taste and Read more

Cis means not trans--I think you mean queer or gay/bi/lesbian/etc. Read more

This is a weird ass take. Aside from everything else (that everything being, it’s not actually okay to ask people intimate questions about how they have sex just because they’re celebrities), Madame X is a fictional alter-ego and asking about it is worlds apart from asking Sivan how he fucks. Read more

If you haven’t already, I really recommend Pete Walker’s CPTSD: From Surviving to Thriving. It’s taught me so much about CPTSD and I come from working in the trauma field so was already pretty well educated but have learned so much. Read more

What’s funny is that bisexual women with husbands ARE a marginal(ized), underrepresented part of the population. As are bisexual women with female partners. But the few media representations we get of bi women tend to be women making out with women for the male gaze. And we know that bi women have higher rates of Read more

This is like that interview with Hannah Gadsby where she points out that both Taylor Swift and Donald Trump can talk for five minutes without actually saying anything and people eat it up. Read more

I give fucks because Epstein has the power to name names and there are no doubt a lot of very rich and powerful men who have an interest in stopping that. Read more

I couldn’t possibly be an anti-vaxxer, after all, I regularly quote Albert Einstein. Read more