Marx and Sparks
5:53 PM

I don’t think “it’s satire” answers the questions as well as you think it does. It’s still a baffling thing to release.

8:25 PM

Punch Drunk Love was more than enough reason for me to think he should’ve dumped his stupid comedy schtick and become a serious actor, and that was in 2002.

6:00 PM

Yeah, I found this weirdly celebratory considering the takes on reversed gender situation of the same variety repeatedly posted here.

5:29 PM

Oh come on. She’s not tone deaf, that’s such a weird extreme to go to. We have legitimate qualms with her outfit and sense of propriety, and you’re trying to take it to “and she can’t even sing!” Why?

12:45 PM

Ass skin in just skin. She’s not pressing her vag right on the seat, she’s got underwear on. What’s the big deal?

11:03 PM

I wish all the Canadians who kvetch about wait times for stuff like knee replacements would read this thread. Our health care is not perfect - we do have some problems with getting doctors and specialists outside of big urban centres, which drives up wait times, but that has nothing to do with private vs public. And Read more

1:55 PM

You know how you can tell I read your comment? I used the exact same word you chose to use in your assessment of Johansson’s actions (“respect”) that you did. I also specifically addressed the thing you said you respect Johansson for, i.e. her refusal to change her opinion in the face of public pressure. To be fair I Read more

1:17 PM

I mean, I don’t think “standing by an abusive person” is something worthy of respect just because (1) a lot of people think you shouldn’t stand by abusive people and (2) other people acknowledge the reassess their support of abusive people in light of (1), but whatever floats your boat. 

10:32 AM

I also think Allen basically built her career so in her mind it’s like biting the hand that fed you. His pretentious films convinced us that her wooden acting was smart and sultry, which she’s been running with ever since. If the gimmick works, why pull the curtain back?

1:48 AM

I’ve really come to appreciate how open the Smith’s are with each other.  Doesn’t mean that I always agree with their views, but they are allowing the opening a space where more intra-familial conversations can be had about important issues concerning how we relate to one another.

5:11 AM

I actually wonder if the Co$ is pursuing a policy of secrecy amongst prominent members now that they’re getting so much negative press. Will and Jada Smith also insist they know nothing about Scientology, have never been affiliated with it, despite known donations to the church and their kids spouting Hubbard “philosop Read more

12:19 AM

Im Happy to see it go. I was always puzzled by it. Were we supposed to believe that women were ever included in the intended audience?? It was never about underwear it was about bodies.....bodies who had starved themselves for days before so they looked their “best”. Good riddance.