7:01 PM

Gotta show some love for the Whomobile, which Doctor Who actor Jon Pertwee had custom built, and later brought onto the show. While it looked like a space-age hovercraft, it was actually street legal 4-wheel vehicle with a built-in phone, TV, cassette player, and (sadly non-functional) ejector seat.
About the only

2:30 PM

One would think so, but apparently the BBC have a bit of a history about being asshats when it comes to accepting/negotiating for the return of lost material.

Technically, none of these prints should exist, and they only do because somebody didn’t follow orders and return/destroy them as instructed, but when that’s Read more

2:12 PM

One other big bit of Who news to come out during the last couple of days, during Time Space Visualizer’s video interview with Philip Morris (the globetrotting Indiana Jones of returning lost television treasures to the BBC archive, including the famed return of Web of Fear and Enemy of the World from Nigeria in 2013) h

12:37 PM

We desperately needed this show three years ago at the start of the Trump presidency. They would have eaten him alive.

6:40 PM

I should totally just paint my entire body with latex house paint and go to the store dresses as Diabolik this weekend.

12:58 PM

I am, of course, excluding the first half of the season where Spock is crazy and/or having emotional temper tantrums, because DRAMA!

Once he got his logical shit together and was allowed to go off and be a useful competent member of the crew rather than existing purely to give Burnham something to cry about, he became Read more

2:57 AM

Ansom’s version of Pike was a perfect captain, an excellent role model for how to be masculine without being an condescending prick, and very much the direction they *should* have taken Kirk in the reboot movies instead of turning him into one of those douchenozzles from a Mentos commercial.

I swear, half the time he Read more

11:57 AM

Exactly this. Here’s hoping we’re all around 10-15 years from now when she starts doing Big Finish audio plays.

7:24 PM

Since Joking Hazard is listed, I guess this doesn’t exclude card games.
In which case, Machine of Death needs to be added to the list of 13+ games, pronto.

If you haven’t already read the two excellent short story collections (compiled by Dinosaur Comics/Unbeatable Squirrel Girl author Ryan North) on which this game

2:35 PM

Love and Monsters is awful, though I’m sad to admit the worst single episode of Doctor Who took place under Moffat’s watch with In The Forest of the Night. 

Not that Chibnall isn’t constantly pushing the envelope for crappiness.
After only two seasons though, I’d say he’s certainly got the other two beat in terms of Read more

2:17 PM

Direct link to the short video written by Moffat and performed by Dan Starkey.  

9:32 PM

How the hell does this list not include Buckaroo Banzai? One of the most cult movies of all time, and the first of only two films directed by the great W.D. Richter?

1:21 AM

Did they ever explain why the future is so.... empty?

I mean, yeah the ultra-rich and powerful still live in lavish swank penthouses, but the streets and parks are empty. For a city with skyscrapers, there are absolutely no other cars on the road or quadcopter things in the sky, and the foot traffic when Caleb is Read more

12:33 PM

You know who’s completely fucked by coronavirus? The last few remaining live performance theaters.

9:19 PM

I suppose it’s a good thing Stan Lee is already gone, otherwise this would be a death sentence.

6:04 PM

My advice... Stay away from anybody cosplaying as this guy:

4:22 PM

Yep, the “post regenerative trauma” was actually built in from the beginning. Not having watched Power of the Daleks in a long time, I had forgotten how much of the first episode Troughton spends disoriented.

Originally the process was supposed to be likened to a “Bad LSD trip” with the Doctor reliving all the worst

3:28 AM

It wasn’t actually regeneration at that point though.
As explained in The Tenth Planet and Power of the Daleks, it was “renew” and a function of the TARDIS. The Doctor literally goes over to the controls to activate it, all the levers and dials start moving, there’s a massive humming power build-up, and then he changes

4:45 PM

I’m assuming you clicked on the exact same front page link to get here that I did.

But yes. Nine years have passed, so this article is certainly outdated and no longer relevant to anyone who has lost a friend or family member.

No, wait... I tell a lie. Suicide rates within the US are at the highest they’ve been since Read more