In ur iphone, getting u lost
Apr 11 2014

Oh awesome look! Another box into which women are stuffed in to based on shoddy conclusions of flavor of the week, cool kid pick and choose trend data. Read more

Apr 11 2014

Fanny packs are awesome for these sorts of things. Any one that says differently doesn't know what they are talking about.

Apr 10 2014

The problem with this story is that Irwindale doesn't really have that many residents, fewer than 1,500, but does have a history of corrupt officials (including the current mayor & a councilman involved in this case with charges of corruption pending against them!) who enrich themselves by soliciting consultancy gigs Read more

Apr 6 2014

Everyone is different, of course, but when my last dog died I couldn't get another soon enough. It wasn't a "replacement" per se - it was just that a new puppy makes me happier than anything in the universe, and I had been so sad.

Mar 26 2014

Sensationalized headlines used to make not-so-life-or-death stories sound like its LITERALLY LIFE OR DEATH is lame click baity garbage used to drive eyes to stories that don't deserve it. Read more

Mar 24 2014

"I cannot imagine a single one of the men and women I work with violating public trust like that..." Read more

Mar 24 2014

My husband is a cop in a large metropolitan city known for gun violence and corruption. I have family and friends that are or were cops in the same city. Read more

Mar 24 2014

We ran into this discussion on my neighborhood mailing list in our city. We have a ordinance where the cops are allowed to moonlight as security police - using city issued uniform, gun and police car. Works okay on a freelance basis for events and small businesses who need crowd control, but recently, the police got Read more

Mar 24 2014

What would be more helpful would be to identify where the bad cops are and where the good cops are. This might be information people could use positively. Read more

Mar 24 2014

Your original post reeks of so much "Gah." that I'm not even up to explaining what "Ugh." means in this context. Read more

Mar 23 2014

"I cannot imagine a single one of the men and women I work with violating public trust like that..." Read more

Mar 21 2014

There are sooooo many fucked up things going on in Hawaii. People have no idea. Moving here from the mainland is nothing like moving to a new state. It's like moving to a new country.

Mar 4 2014

Which is why it's so important to have your dog properly identified. A major part of responsible dog ownership.