Aug 16

His advice: Get a federal permit to kill one of the vultures, then hang it in a tree or other spot where other vultures can see it for miles around. Read more

May 8 2019

When asked how this could have happened, Godwin noted that there was no sense in looking back.

Apr 30 2019

The NFL should just employ some Precogs to see when these players will commit crimes, then just sign those players to shorter contracts.

Apr 14 2019

I cried. I didn’t know golf could make me cry.

Apr 10 2019

The irony is that Markakis thought owning all those guns would make him a safe cracker.

Mar 27 2019

Guys like this would save us all a lot of time if they stopped using “antithesis” and went with the probably more accurate “photo negative”.

Mar 21 2019

Izzo: “What the fuck are you doing! You’re plodding around out there like fucking Frankenstein!” Read more

Mar 21 2019

The thing is, you can regain your swagger playing Chinese basketball, but you lose all your confidence again an hour later.

Feb 27 2019

Fun fact: “The Touching is, To Me, Off Limits,” was the original title of MC Hammer’s 1990 breakthrough single. 

Feb 21 2019

He was initially charged with reckless driving but after review it was determined the guy wasn’t set and the call was reversed. 

Jul 29 2018

Sadder yet is that he will likely be fucked out of a huge payday thanks to his age and free agency rules.

Jun 18 2018

Somewhere Alex Jones is nodding vigorously as he removes his shirt. However, that’s not related to this story.