Aug 5

PATCO was being petulant and making unreasonable demands and figured they were essential enough they could illegally strike. It was an incredibly bad gamble on their part, which is why they continually failed in court afterward. Read more

Aug 5

Genocide and ethnic cleansing! Resegregating the Federal workforce and rounding up political prisoners! Undercutting reconstruction! Read more

Aug 5

I don’t get why everyone hates on Reagan for enforcing the FSLMRS that was signed by Carter about 3 years before Reagan fired everyone. The damage was done when FSLMRS was passed, not when it was enforced. Read more

Aug 5

Holy shit, this. I am no fanboy either but I’m sure I look like it because I feel half my comments these days are calling out Raph and Erik on their crusade against Tesla because... reasons?  This may be the worst take yet. 

Aug 4

Voodoo Raptor seems pretty meh to me. It’s peak torque is down 80ish lb-ft vs the EcoBoost let alone the difference in how much later the torque builds. Sure, it picks up like 75hp over the EcoBoost, but it gives up tons and tons of low end torque. Would you even get to enjoy the higher redline that much when its Read more

Aug 4

as one of the SD residents who are unhappy I suggest you re-check the city’s stance on it. They are not interested in milking the tax tit as you suggest. They have previously lost in court fighting about who “owns” the rally and it was made pretty clear to the city that they could neither cancel or postpone it without Read more

Aug 4

Yeah, this has been a known thing for a while. Hell, just look at the strife over Neo’s name. Agent Smith always calls him one very specific thing, “Mr. Anderson”, to the point where Neo’s first name is almost entirely eschewed, and Neo’s moment of victory in their fight came with him proudly, defiantly saying “My Read more

Aug 4

I’m saying it’s a dumb brand name.  Cut it down to “Murray” and it’d be fine.

Aug 3

The problem is the author presented more than just a direct quote from NPR. They provided a derogatory statement against US boaters in general without doing ANY research to validate the story. A single Google search would tell you that AIS is not required for recreational boats in the US. 

Aug 3

Thank you. Was about to post the same thing. The misinformation on this site has been terrible lately. I’ll further add that a decent percentage of recreational boats with AIS only have the receiver portion to see other traffic, not the transmitter to broadcast their AIS info. This trend started when AIS receivers Read more

Aug 3

The bit about every passenger boat needing an AIS transponder is wrong.  Certain commercial vessels do.  The majority of private boats do not.  However, as costs have fallen precipitously in recent years, it is becoming more common for private operators of small boats (aka your “yachts”) to have them.  Useful for Read more

Jul 28

I’m okay with trying new and weird things, but the notion of the texture of watermelon plus a bun growing increasingly soggy from the juice sounds unpalatable.