3:12 PM

skid plates, hill descent, and you’ll need the e-locker from either the trailer package or order it a la carte. I think you can order the plates, too. If you care about gearing, that depends on the engine (2.7L is 3.55, otherwise 3.31).

12:42 PM

not to mention 9/11 - but seriously, fuck KSA. Let them fall or rise on their own. 

12:32 PM

All likely valid points, what the Media doesn’t tell you is that Saudi Arabia has been committing genocide in Yemen for over a year now..... Also Saudi is performing those acts with US/Canadian supplied weapons.

12:32 PM

Ding ding ding. We have enough oil in our reserves and via shale oil that we need not kowtow to those butchers anymore.

12:24 PM

who cares if it was iran? We owe KSA nothing. 

10:14 AM

Yet another victim of GM producing an innovative (and in this case, quite good) vehicle, and then refusing to acknowledge that it even exists.

11:29 AM

I really don’t care for Tesla cars but they way Robb presented that article makes me hope Tesla does it right and creams Porsche and makes him eat his words. I still loved my 996 and look forward to another 911 in my garage again soon though.

7:36 PM

jesus these are all terrible takes, they’re both great shows

3:51 PM

Loud pipes save lives is bullshit. The reality is loud pipes make you an asshole. You’re an asshole to quiet neighborhoods, to quiet country living, to others in traffic, loud pipes simply make you an asshole, it won’t save your life, or others.

12:36 PM

I hate strike talks and coverage of them.  All I want to know is their current pay and benefit costs and what they want now.  Is GM trying to cut back?  Are the workers just getting greedy?  All the UAW website says is “fair pay”.  That is so broad and not helpful to the public.  If they are looking for public

11:32 AM

Schumer is feckless and just too easily bends over for wealthy interests. Felder is a real scumbag and is a definite nominee for most corrupt.

10:54 AM

What are the actual numbers? What does a factory/plant worker make now, benefits (what do those benefits cost the worker versus GM), pension (cost vs cost).
I read somewhere else this morning (Global News? somewhere) reporting on the matter that GM pays on average $64/hr per plant worker once wage, benefits, pension

10:22 AM

I’m all for living wages and benefits for servers and doing away with tipping. But restaurants need to stop with these “service charge” and “administrative fee” line items. Just make a budget based on paying your people right and set prices based on that budget. Don’t tell me about it. I can go to Target and buy a

11:15 PM

Only if the food industry paid their workers a fair wage, we won’t have this dilemma . I eat out a lot and I tip 10% for a shitty service, 15% for an unremarkable service, 20% for a good service, and 25% if the waiter throws something extra or goes above and beyond which very few do. I refuse to pay anything over 15%