I saw her three or four years ago and she is beyond amazing. She plays like 10 instruments and she is so engaging. I want her to adopt me. Read more

INTERnational treasure. We love her up here in Canada too!!
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It’s costs a lot of money to look this cheap....” Read more

Her sister sounds like a bad ass too. She tweeted today about staying your ass home and praying there if it’s so important instead of going to church and risking lives. Read more

My parents have been married almost as long as Dolly and Carl, and would be the first people to admit that yes, you do get sick of your spouse sometimes, but familiarity doesn’t necessarily breed contempt. At the end of the day, people who’ve been married that long have figured out that there are more aspects of the Read more

My favorite quote from Dolly: I don’t mind dumb blonde jokes, because I know I’m not dumb, and I also know I’m not blonde.  Read more

There are plenty of people who do the whole “I hate my spouse HAHA!” schtick and I get your angle with Southern ladies talking talking the way they do. Read more

It’s Dolly Parton, it’s a joke, she doesn’t take herself very seriously. This is one of many reasons people should be more like Dolly Parton. Read more

Yes, obviously Niles has not actually looked into this, as Dolly has said many times that she loves her husband and it might be that they aren’t up each others asses as to why their marriage has lasted Read more

I don’t know if that’s aimed at Dolly specifically and I myself have not listened to the podcast but I’m getting the vibe that after a half century of being married to someone you do get weary of them because that’s being human. I don’t think she’s implying that she hates her marriage and/or is staying married for Read more

As a rule, I’m sick of people in 5 min tops. So, 57 years is a good score. Read more

We don’t have a whole lot to be proud of these days, so we’re claiming Dolly.  Read more

Don’t be selfish. She’s a treasure of humanity. Read more

Dean runs an asphalt-paving company, which she probably doesn’t watch him do either.

I appreciate this sentence Read more

Just want to chime in and say I’m frustrated as hell with people not adhering to guidelines. I lost 2/3 of my income in April because it’s dependent on live events. I have friends telling me about their anxiety with upcoming travel plans and it’s taking everything in me to not just snap and say “Yeah, you shouldn’t Read more

That’s untrue. There are all sorts of reasons for chronic lateness. Some people who are chronically late try really hard but they are just incapable of managing their time or they have a child, or... one of many other reasons. People with ADHD, for example, have focus issues and lose track of time easily. They are not Read more

I don’t give a shit if he’s right or wrong about lateness. “Dr.” Phil is a shitbag who revels in humiliating others for entertainment. He’s a toxic lump of southern-fried garbage and no one should ever have to hear another word from him again. Anyone mentioning his name in public without dragging him like a legless Read more

What an evil way to frame executive dysfunction. Shithead. Read more