Oct 27

Doorman replaced Deathurge which is how Doorman gained the ability to travel around on skis.

Oct 22

Eva Green as Morticia and Oscar Isaac as Gomez. I think there are a few people who could play Fester, so maybe like David Koechner. Millie Bobby Brown is a no-brainer for Wednesday though.

Oct 22

Unless, it’s about an adult Wednesday and her family, in which case Ricci as Wednesday. Otherwise, I’m with you that she should play Morticia if it’s the original family.

Oct 19

I’ve actually thought about this a lot, and I think that much of it has to do with where comic book writers assumed black people were, and what they assumed we’re exposed to most. Not a whole lot of them seem to think we live anywhere but “the inner city” so the thing most of them assumed we were most exposed to was Read more

Oct 18

Semantics of the phrase aside, I think the big difference is with cable, the choice was basically all or nothing—outside of premium channels, if you wanted more than the basic over-the-air channels you had to take the whole package and pay $40+ per month. Now you can choose streaming services that interest you, and Read more

Oct 10

A new 17-episode arc? So... how about you make it anyway - make it a whole season? It’s not too late. Read more

Oct 5

As a young guy, the Sword of Truth series were my favorite novels - until I learned of his personal politics and realized that what I’d somehow been reading as a socialist polemic was actually a Randian screed. Goes to show you how much a reader brings to a work, I suppose. Read more

Oct 3

Lol fuck, I tried recollecting the Pinwheel theme, did, and now it’s stuck in my head. Pinwheel pinwheel spinning around...

Sep 29

... it is one thing to state an opinion, it is another to simply troll. My opinions differ... but noting it is has been celebrated as one of the greatest science fiction works of all time by people other than myself... probably means while you might think it isn’t very good... a large majority of people do.

Sep 27

Best case, your treadmill has a readout showing your relative position on a simulated track, and you would have to guess-ti-mate the interval. Worst case, take your mile time and divide by 8, pressing the buttons at the appropriate time. Better off just doing 30 second sprints, 45 second walks. Experiences will Read more

Sep 25

Love me some interval training. Just to spice this up...and only if you’re comfortable...alternate between 1/2 laps and quarter laps for your recovery. Same idea if you don’t have a track... alternate 15 and 30 second rest periods. While the idea of negative splits sounds great, just go for consistent pacing for your Read more

Sep 25

But-but he was learning to exercise his second amendment right! Why aren’t we applauding this child for standing against the oppressive and unprofitable regime that is peace and non-violence? Bear arms is the only amendment I can remember! Guns good! NRA good! Libs bad! *rant *rant *rant.

Sep 25

Though Hodge was most recently in the remake of The Invisible Man, he also appeared as MC Ren in Straight Outta Compton, the “Black Museum” episode of Black Mirror, Friday Night Lights, and Supernatural;