Jun 25

“I can’t say I wish this never happened because I’m still so glad Huxley is here and getting all of the help he needs, of all the views we’ve gotten”...

Jun 24

I guess all that “Let’s hurry up and get these cars out of the door!” before whatever deadline they have to meet next Musk philosophy works for sales, but not for fit/finish/satisfaction. Read more

Jun 24

I still think it looks better than the froggy Model Y. I’d rate looks a 7 where the Model Y I’d give a 6, mainly because the Y doesn’t look like it tried at all and is just a Frankenstein Model 3. Read more

Jun 22

People saying it’s Smollett without any proof isn’t surprising. I mean, lots of people believe there is a piss tape of Trump somewhere hidden in a drawer marked “In Case Of Emergency, Use.” Read more

Jun 21

As a kid growing up in the 60's/70's, drive-ins were awesome. $1 a carload, pack stuff in the trunk, take off your shoes/blanket on, etc. Get bored? Parents let you out to run around or gave you money to go get popcorn. Ours even had swings. Read more

Jun 18

Is it just impossible for the Dems to find at least one political candidate, with military service, that can shut down the ‘commie’ talk whenever someone wants to slash the bloated military budget for environmental/fiscally responsible budgeting? Read more

Jun 18

If they are smart, they’ll name it something other than ‘Hands Free Mode’, even though that’s kind of what it is. Read more

Jun 17

Next up: “Outbreak of diabetes in Animal Crossing. Community stumped as to cause. Consults expert.”