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You are correct. And with Passover heaving into view even now. I’m going to put it as “2a” on the presumption that the maker used schmaltz (poultry fat). If it’s made with vegetable oil, it is 7a and takes the place normally reserved for “getting your nuts run over by a 4x4" in these lists  Read more

I think Split Pea deserves a nod here. Read more

Was on a plane home from Montreal, nearly half the seats filled by guys coming home from bachelor parties, everyone looks hungover. We get about 20 mins from Ohare and we start getting into some awful turbulence, some of the worst I’ve experienced. Well, after about 15 mins, some 30 year old guy across from me gets up Read more

I’d rather have the flight delayed, and then canceled, and then the pilot quits, and then the airline goes out of business, and then the airport shuts down, and then all flights are grounded, and then humans lose the knowledge necessary for mechanical flight, than be on a barf plane. Read more

** Or non-soup “soups” like beer-cheese. That’s not a soup, it’s a cry for help in a bowl. Read more


This whole thing could have been avoided had Smith just stepped back and taken a deep broth… Read more

Could’ve been an accident. Passing was never his strong suit. Read more

An alternative headline: “J.R. Smith Has No Chili”. Read more

It crossed my mind whether I should edit that out, but I’m not ashamed. Read more

She came up on my Bumble...I don’t have anything else to add. We didn’t match.

So instead of just punishing the Indians for the use of the racist logo, you’re going to punish everyone by making them go to Cleveland for the all star game?? Read more

I don’t understand the question. Read more

Britt McHenry made me side with a tow trucking company. I hate her for that.
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The great thing about this comment is, it would have been just as valid had the Vikings NOT won after blowing a 17 point lead. Read more