BenjaminSmuttins SAY RESIST.

^^ this will forever be my argument. It all started with John McCain. I shocked my neighbors when I brought it up on the day McCain died. No free passes. No jingoism. He opened to doors to these loons. Read more

Ben Sasse? As a former resident of Nebraska, I can say from personal experience that things are bad when Ben Sasse is the best in a sea of bad options. Just look up some quotes from his rootin’ rootin’ bootstrappin’ book about how we could all be as successful as him if Mom’s apple pie personal sacrifice patriotism Read more

Yes.  Unless you count the pastor, needing the newest G Wagon. That is a deep, deep need.  Grifters, every one of them. Read more

My parents broke a looong family tradition by naming my brother a different first name that starts with the same letter as the family name for oldest sons, like Lawrence* rather than Lancelot*, with the traditional middle name from my father’s family. My grandparents were super not pleased, but my parents (including Read more

FWIW, this has been my approach too. Read more

Seconded from Michigan. I live in Detroit, and the recent vote counts were mainly done by midnight, or at worst the following morning. People dropped their ballots at the drop boxes or voted early, even the voting in person lines didn’t look to bad when I passed polling places. They have been doing tons of training fr Read more

It was pretty strange and disconcerting. It was hand addressed, like a birthday card. Then it was a full page, front and back of super personal, strange comments. Example: You are obviously *children* with no experience in real estate or business, and your life is going to be *very hard* if this is how you treat Read more

We had prospective buyers (we rejected them because of numerous clauses in their offer that protected them and left us vulnerable to owning a house in our old city after moving nearly 2,000 miles away) write us a profanity filled and vaguely threatening letter and drop it in our mailbox. They lived in the Read more

When Trump was elected in 2015, I made an appointment to have my copper IUD replaced one year early, because I had good insurance and The Handmaid’s Tale. Read more

I am also on board with ending: wedding showers, baby showers, new dog showers, housewarming where I am expected to bring something other than food or booze, vow renewals...there are probably a few I’m forgetting.  Anything where bunco is likely to be played.  Hard pass. Read more

This is the thing I couldn’t understand. Our school knew quite early on that we would be online. We did training, and had discussions, and read about online learning best practices all summer. We planned for months while other schools engaged in (at best) magical thinking and (at worst) straight-up lies. And now their Read more

She is really good in The Kettering Incident.  Not as popular as the other shows, but really solid. Read more

You and me both, friend.  It's fine.  But not much more than that.  Read more

I am one of her constituents. As you would expect, it is awesome, and she is the best. She has volunteered to be arrested multiple times at organizing protests for hotel and fast food workers in our district. I still get goosebumps thinking of her on the news one night. She had a bullhorn, and was yelling, “What does Read more

Yikes. I hadn’t thought of that. I really liked Portia in Better Off Ted and Ally McBeal. Hope she is okay. :-( Read more

This is going to sound awful, but I don’t trust Biden to actually run much of anything if (please sweet baby Spaghetti Monstress) he is elected. He is always on my YouTube ads asking for money, and he doesn’t sound totally with it. Honestly, if he never gives a speech or has a debate with Trump before election day, Read more

In the early days, when Fauci was reluctant to call for people to wear homemade masks, bandanas were one of the reasons cited. They have nearly 0% effectiveness at containing the spread from or to the wearer. The cloth is too loosely woven, it doesn’t seal to the face properly, and it gives the wearer a false sense of Read more

I personally hope that Warren gets the nod - she is the VP we need to help undo the fuckery of the past 3.5 years. I believe that she would do the best job of all of the potential nominees and unite the left and centrist wings of the party more than any other option, except perhaps Tammy Baldwin. Read more