BenjaminSmuttins SAY RESIST.

Yeah but these “sane” Republicans still want to control my uterus, deny me and other minorities equal rights, not pay me the same as a man, get rid of regulations that protect workers, the environment, food safety, suppress voter rights, and on and on and on. Read more

Wasn’t it Jerry Falwell Jr. that was so happy to “finally” have a president that shared the country’s values? 8 years of a black guy in office, who really didn’t rock the boat that much outside of a watered down healthcare bill, was enough to make tens of millions of people vote for a circus clown that any person Read more

Ya keep yer head warm, ya keep yer feet warm, yer good ta go.
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Mom always said you lose 80% of body heat through your head, so, with that hat, this outfit is just practical. Read more

I can’t remember - who’s her father? Read more

It’s the only thing that keeps her relevant. Read more

Right now? She is the endgame of the GOP and has been for the last 50 years. The moment Trump walked into GOP HQ and walked out with a trash bag full of their collective balls, it was over.
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This was good. Thank you for a good thing. Read more

He is gorgeous. It’s nice his wife is open to your relationship. Read more

I, too, am in a committed non-monogamous long-term relationship with former Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist.  Read more

Usually the moral of the story is that making a deal with the devil always ends up with you landing in hell. Except for the odd wily hero who outsmarts the devil somehow. Read more

They exist for no other reason than to extract money and build and maintain power. Read more

Pastoral burnout comes with actually meeting with your clergy in the hospital, nursing homes, at funerals/wakes, graduations, holidays, birthdays, confirmations. Not from fucking someone whom isn’t your wife.
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they have a CEO which is the strangest thing I’ve ever seen on an “about church leadership page” and I’ve seen the picture in this article! Read more

You know what really completes your look when you’re the young, hip leader of a religious community?

Once called City Church, it has a glitzy new board of directors, effective January 1; Among them are venture capitalists, Hollywood power players, and sports superstar Russell Wilson. Read more

Megachurches are the worst, regardless of whether they’re hoping to attract celebrities. They exist for no other reason than to extract money and build and maintain power. This is my theory as to why so many Evangelicals have boarded the Trump train, and doubled-down on prosperity gospel, and laissez-faire capitalism. Read more

I legitimately do not understand how people do not see churches for the scam they are. I’m not saying I don’t understand how people can be religious. I get that. But essentially every church is either a money making scam or part of a religion rife with scandal and crime. Why the fuck do people keep joining?  Read more

I truly had so much admiration. I would have be defeated and downtrodden after the stolen Georgia governor’s election and she just fought harder and quietly. A lot of writers and political commentators (including here on this site) spend their time opining on people in states they’ve never visited (while declaring Read more