That was my hot take as well. The first two,if asked,would be a giant “no comment”. Read more

I mean, she does spell her name Kayti... Read more

But why shouldn’t sex workers share it with the world? What if this woman’s talent is sex? She enjoys it and she’s good at it, which is a lot more than most people can say about their jobs. Athletes put their bodies through hell with massive amounts of potential harm, and they’re not pariahs for “selling their bodies”. Read more

Why shouldn’t she have a career that she likes and finds fulfilling? Honestly that’s more than I can say about most of my working life. Are you also against celebrating women who work in other parts of the service industry, such as waiting tables or retail? You sell your body and your sanity in a lot of careers, but Read more

On the Titanic last night with my dear brother. It Got crazy at the end, but man I get so satisfied, deeply drinking in the depth and beauty of the ship.” Read more

TBH, it’s a shame the shitshow articles were deleted too. Many of them were super entertaining/unintentionally hilarious. Read more

And Hugh seems annoyed when she says “my little girl..” Can you imagine....what does he have to be annoyed about? Read more

I hate that feeling of not being believed after something truly strange happens! I sometimes “know” things I should have no way of knowing, but I’ve only once ever had a clear full-on psychic vision. It was the strangest thing. I was a teenager and camping with my boyfriend at the time in a national forest. We had run Read more

So I hope this doesn’t get buried but here goes anyway... Read more

Five year reader, first time poster! This is my one and only IRL ‘paranormal’ experience, probably because I’m a hard core skeptic. Read more

When I was 19 and little more than a child myself, I was beaten up savagely by a gang of kids who were clearly very high on something. What that left me with, aside from a bald spot in my hairline that never sealed back (dragging someone across gravel by their plait will do that) was what I’d come to realise much Read more

And now that I’ve told my friend’s story, I’ll tell mine, which happened this year. Read more

Yessssss- here.we.go. My story is longer, sorry y’all! Meet Stalker Pierre. Read more

When I was in my early 20s - circa 2003 - I lived in a suburb of Atlanta that was generally considered safe to live. Since I was 18, I had always lived on my own in various apartments. This was my first ‘ground floor’ apartment, and I remember talking to my mom about it and receiving a warning about the added dangers Read more

Maybe I Should Have Listened to the Ghost

I should preface this story by explaining that I grew up in England, so everything is old as balls and creepy anyway, but this is the story I can never tell without getting shivers of dread all up my body.

When I was in my mid teens, my parents moved out to a small rural Read more

Man, I don’t know when these stories started getting out of hand, but this contest is a lot less fun when the majority of the comments are overly long,  obviously fake, and extremely poorly written. Read more


Hello! I’m a little late to the game so this may get buried under all the amazing and creepy stories here. But I wanted to at least share mine. Read more

When I was around ten years old, I had some friends at my house for a sleep-over. My parents were out for the evening, so we were in the care of my Noni, my Italian grandmother, who divided her time living with us and my two aunts. We decided to play with a Ouija board and scare ourselves. We huddled in my bedroom, tur Read more

A couple of years ago I worked at a place called Appuldurcombe House. It’s on the Isle of Wight (south coast of the UK). It’s close to where I live and I did my degree in history so I was hired pretty quickly. There’s a falconry shop there and a cafe, but mostly people come for the house which has a long history which Read more