500 Days of Kitten Calamari
Oct 21

Wonders being "dead" tiles that often act as force multipliers on other tiles is interesting in concept, but the district/wonder tile management is extremely kludgy in practice.

Feb 29

I’m with Bernie but I’m not going to talk about issues re: his entry here. I have some nits but I think Michael is pretty fair to Bernie about the blackness of his policy, which is comparatively race-blind. (Bernie does support the same legislation to study reparations as Pete Buttigieg so the statement that he

Feb 26

Literally nothing you just said contains any persuasive evidence for your claim, and the link you cite is a crock of shit. His evidence, for example, that Bernie’s M4A analysis is flawed, is a link to a fucking tweet where an economist, sight unseen, claims it’s flawed with no evidence. I guess the many other studies Read more