500 Days of Kitten Calamari
Oct 21

For, it was the poorly implemented districts and the fact that you had to physically place wonders on tiles(thus actively discouraging you from building them) that kill Civ VI for me. Read more

Oct 20

The world is sorely overdue a modern version of Pirates!. I played something that came close to hitting the spot (Windward IIRC?) but that fell somewhere by the wayside.

Jun 24

I was under the impression that it was common knowledge that hanging a large percentage of your weight outside of the axles affects how a car handles. Keeping the weight inside the axles (mid engine) gives a much better balance versus the pendulum effect of a rear engine layout. Read more

Jun 24

ie - Dodge and Kia owners have low expectations compared to luxury car drivers.

Jun 24

My personal experience with Dodge indicates that it takes at least 4 years to truely understand the mistake you’ve made.

Jun 24

Don’t alot of these issues pertain to the infotainment system? And the Tesla is just one big infotainment system.