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3:47 PM

My mom ran Neuspeeds on her GTI (RSe52 to be exact). They were light (you could really feel the difference compared to the OEM wheels), relatively affordable and shrugged off a direct hit on a jutting mountain rock. So my vote goes to #1 and #4.

3:41 PM

If you look at the amount of metal and airbags between the driver and the outside world, the ND is a lot safer than the ZZW30. I’ve actually made the same upgrade (MR2 Roadster -> ND MX-5), though for me the biggest perks are the A/C and the ESP/TC.

3:23 PM

If it’s any help I test drove both the i30N (the Veloster’s European equivalent) and the MX-5 (160 hp) and ended up buying the MX-5, as I like the top-down experience, the lower seating and the more balanced driving experience, while I generally don’t need the added practicality or speed of the Hyundai. If I had to Read more

2:41 PM

Most if not all 27.5+ bikes clear 29er wheels, though it doesn’t always work the other way around. Given that the diameter of a 27.5x3.0 wheel is pretty much the same as of a 29x2.25, geometry should carry over between both wheel sizes. The point being that if you buy one (27.5+) frame you can swap out wheelsets Read more

10:36 AM

Keep up the good work! If you’re serious about training, get a heart rate monitor and read up on zone training. Training effort is generally unrelated to (average) speed, so don't focus too much on how fast or slow you're going.