Nov 17

It says something that I’m in my 50s and I know who Harry Styles is, but I don’t have any clue what a Candace Owens or a Ben Shapiro are. And it appears I should be happy about that.

Nov 16

Shapiro saying his doctor wife diagnosed “wet ass pussy” as a possible medical condition tells us more than we could ever want to know about their marriage.

Nov 16

*sigh* Now I have the millionth reason I wish Bowie was still around. He’d have something witty to say, I’m sure. After all he shot the cover of The Man Who Sold the World, nearly 50 years ago.

Nov 15

Your wife works in a hospital but keeping tradition is worth more than her potentially spreading a deadly disease to all 20.

Nov 15

Have all 20 members of you family consulted with all the people you are likely by have contact with for the 2 weeks after thanksgiving, and told them to check with all the people they’ll be having contact with, and so on down the line to factor in their choices and make sure they also understand the risks? Read more

Nov 14

What gets me is that nobody thinks of themselves as potentially catching the virus, only that “I haven’t got it so far so I’m one of the ‘good’ ones who isn’t spreading it.” ANYBODY CAN CATCH THE VIRUS EVEN IF THEY HAVEN’T SO FAR.

Nov 12

Not understanding what is so damn important about eating out in a restaurant. I am all for supporting the businesses, but at this point it is ridiculous.