Beer-light Guidance
Friday 1:10PM

Yeah, that kind of talk will get you taken directly to the re-education camps.  

Friday 8:20AM

When you see me rolling up in this, you know what’s about to happen. I’m about to open the door, and saunter out in my baggy track suit wearing house shoes. I’m here to watch the local co-eds play some volleyball while I eat a concession stand corn dog. Read more

Wednesday 2:50PM

look at those fake vents!  They really did predict the future!

Wednesday 2:11PM

Is it bad that I still think those 80s grids are fucking rad?

Tuesday 9:31AM

If drywall/plywood is that big a part of your life you already own a fullsize or a work van so this is just a strawman. 

Monday 6:52PM

I would argue that you are generalizing. I’m not in any of the socio-economic strata where $10k bikes are feasible, but I know people who are and do, and they don’t strike me as unhealthy or obsessed. They just really like bikes, spending that much on them doesn’t mean they have to cut back on any of their essentials Read more

Monday 8:58AM

I guess it doesn’t help the tone when the poppy that features is the same used worldwide as the symbol of Remembrance Day. 

6/03/21 2:06PM

Counterpoint: Traditional automakers can offer vehicles at comparable prices to Tesla with multiple middlemen taking profits along the ways. This results in additional jobs and income for literally thousands of dealership employees that wouldn’t have a job otherwise. Read more

6/03/21 8:27AM

My favorite thing about these pictures is the lack of any perceptible rise, implying this car just goes airborne at random.

6/03/21 8:27AM

I’m giving this an irrational NP just because I like it. It’s an interesting car and a good example if you want an Italian project that you can enjoy from the start as the stuff it needs are not things that stop you from driving it. Read more

6/02/21 1:42PM

Well, yeah, and 30 will be an even year.

6/02/21 11:44AM

Holy spitballs - how on earth are people with similar shared generational experiences as me turning 50?