Beer-light Guidance

If you give a moose a pizza, he’ll ask for a Labatt’s. And you don’t want a drunk moose. 


All the best designs are from the 1980s. We should reïntroduce these graphs. Here’s a mockup of a depreciation graph for a Chevrolet:

Aug 11

I have to vote ND on the new Google Form. Forcing us to click a link to see the results, bah.

Aug 10

I don't head to the living room without being strapped. That place is like Fallujah.

Aug 7

I’m sorry to hear that. Please recognize that you’ve brought much needed levity, joy, and cooking inspiration to me & many others lately (and well before the pandemic, too).

Aug 7

Yesterday I threw out "Nice Price or No Dice" kind of late in the day, but it still gained some traction.  I'll throw it out earlier today.  And I agree, the new name isn't exactly hard to figure out, but I do have to think no about it.  And if you happen to have water cooler talks with other Jalops about this the Read more

Aug 7

I have clicked the wrong box three times since the change. 

Aug 6

It comes in a styrofoam lined box with cold packs that don't even melt completely. It's fine and would probably stay frozen for at least a couple of days.

Aug 6

In December of last year, I booked a condo with a view in the San Juan Islands to celebrate my kid’s first birthday this June. My folks bought cross-country plane tickets so they could join in celebrating their first grandchild. We were so fucking pumped. Then the virus came. We cancelled because we’re grown ass Read more

Aug 5

(Hmmmmm, lots of VeeDub ads making the grade....)  Thanks to the editing where the action is timed to the music, this 2000 Jetta ad is a complete masterpiece: